6 Top Loading Fully Automatic Washing Machine in India Review

Nowadays, you could see people switching to the traditional Top Loading Fully Automatic Washing Machine. Though it offers widest specifications, the top-loader washing machine is the real runner. The reason for the commendable sale is its price. Yes, top-loading washing machines are the ideal fit for the wider Indian audience. It is for the ones who seek budget-friendly machines.

The top-loading washing machines offer top-notched machines at a reasonable price. It also withstands the quality standards of front-loading models. So, it covers a large number of Indian consumers with its features at a reasonable price.

When it comes to the washing machine, there is a huge competition with a large portfolio of brands. The brands like LG, Samsung, Bosch, and IFB are the trendsetters in the washing machine segment. They are the prominent makers of super good washing machines in India.

Budget-friendly machines from the top makers are a good sign for Indian consumers. But, the real problem is choosing the best buy. It is really difficult to choose the best one in this wider range of products at affordable pricing.

So, we are here to help you to choose the best one for your home. Here we have covered all the best machines from the quality makers.

Benefits of choosing the top-loading washing machine:

  • Economical one, pricing only around 15k to 20k.
  • Provides you with better convenience. It allows you to put the dirty clothes without bending down.
  • Allows you to add extra clothes during the wash.
  • Larger capacity.

These are the options to look at atop loading washing machines. Now let us see the best six top loader washing machines.

Top Loading Fully Automatic Washing Machine 2020

Top Loading Fully Automatic Washing Machine

1. Samsung 6.2 kg Top Load Fully Automatic Washing Machine

To be honest, I’m pretty much impressed by this Samsung appliance. It offers the best top loader machine at the very least pricing segment. One can witness all the possible things in this washing machine at very less pricing. It even competes with the other top standard products with higher pricing segments. The sleek body with the tempered glass at the top can withstand the scratches of the heavy loads.

The machine gives you a sturdy operation with its quite elegant features. It could make your fabrics free from the tears.

Samsung 6.2 kg Fully-Automatic Top load Washing Machine


Diamond Drum: The machine comes up with this unique feature. This helps in protecting the clothes from the rough stretches and tangling. It could even make the clothes free from rough strains.

Magic Filter: The magic filter in the washing machine clears the blockages of the lint and fluffs. It makes your laundry free from errors. It protects the clothes from clogged up drainage filled with germs.

Quick Wash: if you are very much occupied with your work and stuff and have no time, no worries, we have a quick wash. This quick wash feature allows you to wash the less soiled clothes.

Eco tub: the eco tub feature allows you to run the machine free from harsh chemicals. You need not wash the drum every time.

It also comes up with features like child lock, delay end function, and five water level functions.

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Pros & Cons
  • Budget beast.
  • Optimum performance.
  • Noiseless operation.
  • Comes with unique features like magic filter and diamond drum.
  • Less maintenance.
  • Shakes little Bit.

2. LG 6.5 kg Inverter Fully Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

LG washing machines always offers a remarkable product line up for the years. It gives the premium finish whatever it delivers. It stands for a quite long time. Moreover, LG products have a good brand image in the mindset of people. They deliver a fascinating job that stands out for the best use.

LG 6.5 kg Inverter Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

LG washing machines are the most applauded ones in the top-loading models. It withstands each segment. It covers each area of interest when it comes to the washing machine.

It gives its greatest usage making the clothes inside the drum to feel safe and error-free. The machine comes with smart inverter technology with energy-saving options. The long motor life fights against all the odds of corrosion by using the BMC motor protection.


Smart diagnosis: This allows you to fetch 86 errors by connecting it with a mobile phone. It saves you valuable time in finding the service centres.

Auto-restart: This feature is to start the machine from where it stops during power failures.

Tub Clean: The machine runs with an inbuilt tub cleaning feature. It prevents unpleasant smell inside the drum.

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Pros & Cons
  • 6.5 kg drum capacity.
  • The smart inverter motor consumes electricity.
  • Comes with a Strong built.
  • Efficient running.
  • Smoother performance.
  • Offers quality service.
  • Maintains the fabrics in a completely fresh condition.
  • Absence of the smart door. The door slips and hits hard on the machine leading to the breakage of tempered glass.

3. Whirlpool Hard Water Top Loading Fully Automatic Washing Machine

Whirlpool is one of the few brands trying to dominate powerful brands like IFB, LG, and Samsung. Whirlpool offers the best budget range washing machine along with the superior features.

Whirlpool 6.2 kg Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

The sixth sense of smart technology comes with a powerful workflow. Making the dress looking error-free, it fights the toughest stains and germs.

The machine is working with ZPF technology that fills the drum 50% quicker. It works even under low water pressure.


Three spring-loaded power scrub: It helps you to the toughest dirt in your clothes.

Express wash: This feature reduces the time by 30% in washing the hardest stains. The fabric looks finer after each wash.

Spa wash system: this removes the amount of lint and brings out the good looking fabric.

Twelve wash programs: the machine comes with 12 different wash programs. Each program brings the best in delivering the clothes in the best manner.

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Pros & Cons
  • Easy handling.
  • Maintenance-free.
  • Everlasting smooth performance.
  • Value for money.
  • Saves cost and energy.
  • A noise comes out during the fast running.

4. IFB 7 kg Energie Top Loading Fully Automatic Washing Machine

IFB is the front runner in the top-loading washing machine. It gives out the best performance, ensuring durability. IFB dominates similar brands by its superior quality and its efficient functions.

IFB 7 kg Energie Top Loading Fully Automatic Washing Machine

The solid built with the greyish tone let the washing machine to feel like a rock. The sturdy features of with the super brand value in India make the best impression.

The dominant maker brings its best by bringing all the features that could fit in a top loader machine. It also shows its class by the long-lasting durability and happier customer service.


3D wash: the 3D wash feature allows the water to flow from every direction to wash efficiently. It completely makes use of the detergents put on by turning the clothes in each direction.

Eight wash programs: the machine runs with the eight best washing modes. It includes the modes for blankets and jeans.

Crescent moon drum: The crescent moon drum gives the gentle wash to clothes. It absorbs the hard hits while tumbling. This feature makes the water to curve in a horizontal pattern. This protects the fabric from getting hurt by the steel walls of the drum.

Aqua spa and energie: The aqua spa removes the stubborn stains. Also, the aqua energie function energizes the water. It makes the detergent to get dissolved easily.

Triadic pulsator wash: The mechanical centre punch action completely dislodges the stains. It retains the fabric to retain its original quality.

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Pros & Cons
  • Strong performance.
  • Longer endurance.
  • 3D wash feature.
  • Comes with eight different wash functions.
  • Quality service.
  • The price is little high.

5. Haier Fully Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

If you are looking for the best all-rounder, this washing machine is going to keep you astonished. The complete metal body and the elegant smooth performance makes it to keep in a special place on the list.

Haier 6.2 Kg Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

The toughened glass at the top and the grippy bottom gives the robust construction. Haier is pretty much devoted to the most trusted brand in the market. It brings superior features at a reasonable cost. It laid a foundation with deep user interaction. It brings out its best which the consumers demand.

The machine comes with the near-zero pressure from the water. It can run even the water pressure is very less. The metal body with the steel drum inside guards the machine with the firm. The 6.2 kg machine is best suited for the bachelors and couples.


Double balance ring: The machine comes with the advanced double balance ring. It gives a noiseless and smooth performance. The machine runs smoother, with less or no vibration.

LED control panel: The LED control panel at the top allows you to switch between various modes. It contains eight different modes, and you can also choose the water level based on your convenience.

Quick wash: The powerful motor with quick performance enables the wash in 15 minutes. Just put the laundry in the drum and start the quick wash. You could see the magic in a few minutes.

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Pros & Cons
  • The transparent lid at the top.
  • Can add extra clothes during the wash.
  • Quick wash.
  • LED control panel.
  • Noiseless smooth performance.
  • Customer Service is not up to the mark.

6. Bosch Top Loading Fully Automatic Washing Machine

When it comes to the mixture of brand name and soothing performance, Bosch stands out to be the best. The German product comes up with the finest quality. It is more durable than the other machines in the market. The finest makers not only delivers the best in front-loading machines. It also delivers the budget-friendly top loaders.

Bosch 6.5 Kg Fully Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

The pioneers come with the 6.5 kg top loader and do a fantastic job in terms of operation. The cheeky box brings the powerful wave wash to bring the clothes to the purest form. The lid in the top closes smoothly without making any disturbance. It closes automatically, so there is no fear for the breakages.

The pulsator design brings the perfect wash allowing no stains to stay in your clothes. It cleans up every solid stain in each nook and corner. The seamless water flow and the innovative drums give you the excellent wash in a given time.


Power wave wash system: The drum with the dynamic water flow gives you a powerful and perfect wash.

Soft Closing lid: The automatic closing lid in the top shuts down without getting hurt.

Power off memory: If there is electricity failure, the wash cycle will not get disturbed. It starts from where it stops.

Magic Filter: Don’t worry about the lints. This filter shows you the magic in safeguarding the clothes.

One-touch start: just put the laundry in the machine and press the start button. It automatically detects the wash.

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Pros & Cons
  • Good brand value.
  • Excellent features.
  • Gives a smooth performance.
  • Price is low for the features it offers.
  • The installation service is not up to the mark.


These are the best 6 top loader washing machines in India. Grab the best one ideal for your home. Hope this buying guide brings you an insight to look for the best. Compare the machines with each other and seek the best.