Compare LG vs Samsung Refrigerator 2021 Which One is Better?

Refrigerators are no longer a luxury good in India. It becomes an absolute necessity for the Indian household. There are too many brands that sell refrigerators loaded with optimum features. LG and Samsung were amongst the top-selling refrigerators in India. They have an outstanding brand value in people’s mindset. 

While looking for a refrigerator, you would have passed on two names, Samsung and LG. Yes, both the brands have great fame among the people as it renders good. They maintain moral standards and a decent approach to selling the products. The South Korean giants are the predominant makers in the Indian markets.

Now let us see the detailed comparison between the brands for a better understanding. 

LG vs Samsung Refrigerator Comparison 2020

LG vs Samsung Refrigerator

Both LG and Samsung look similar in all terms except the availability of door options. Samsung has four types of models in terms of doors. They are as below:

· Side by side.

· French door.

· Top mount freezer.

· Single-door.

Now, it’s time to look at the LG refrigerators. LG, too has put on configurations on door options to date. They are as below.

· French door.

· 3-door side by side.

· Door indoor.

· Single-door.

While looking at the price, both the products have lower and higher-end models. But Samsung seems good with over 200 products under 20,000 INR. But LG keeps only the work that is in trend. So it has only a few products under 20k.

The availability of the Samsung refrigerators is too high compared to LG. So, in terms of availability, Samsung looks far better than LG.

Compare LG And Samsung Refrigerators


LG is a kind of brand which often searches for technical advancements. They also bring them into reality by adding them to their machines. Here you could find a few top things to note from the LG refrigerators. It will be in all aspects like features, technology-equipped, or even in better service.

1. ConvertiblePLUS

ConvertiblePLUS option gives you a flexible opportunity inside the refrigerator. With this feature inbuilt, you can switch from over the fridge to the freezer. Yes, this feature gives you the add on option to switch over the temperature modes. 

You can choose the freezer option to store frozen fruits and meats to consume in the winter. Also, it gives you an expandable option to keep extra drinks in the summer with the normal mode. This is a super cool feature from LG to have additional storage as per the season.

It is a mastermind idea from LG to maintain the temperature over the convertible options. You can add or decrease the volume of the freezer and standard compartment. 

2. Door cooling+

The door cooling+ from LG is a great feature to watch. The component is perfect essential for the ones who use the refrigerator more often. During the times of opening the doors, the temperature gets fluctuated in the normal ones. But what LG brought here is quite astonishing. This Door cooling+ maintains the cool airflow even when the door opens. So, the food inside is not get affected.

These were the excellent features of the LG. Now let us take the features of Samsung into account.


Samsung, too, makes the best impression of delivering a good range of features. They are very keen on producing newer technology. Samsung is upfront in terms of features. The Samsung invertor maintains the electricity and noise level to the least. This feature is very similar to LG’s inverter linear compressor.

1. FlexZone Technology

Sometimes the ingredients need to be stored in the refrigerator quite differently, right? Yes, the seasonal fruits are to be stored to available in the next season. You may need extra space to save a large amount of food. But you might have found running out of space. No worries, Samsung’s FlexZone gives you the most flexible options to alter the compartments.

With just a gentle touch, the freezer changes into the standard compartment. The temperature reduces as in terms of the standard compartment. Similarly, you may need to store large bottles of juices but not find the space. Just make the additional compartment a freezer. Now you will find the temperature as in terms of the freezer. This is an excellent feature to make use of it. 

2. Autofill Pitcher

The Autofill pitcher is the coolest feature that you could find in the Samsung machines. The pitcher automatically reloads with water when placed in the refrigerator. You need not fill the water in a mug and wait for some time to get the cold water. Please place them in a position and get the cold water in seconds. You can also mix it with some fruits like lemon to get it as lime juice in return.

So, while looking at these features, both the brands have done their best. But somehow, Samsung edges over the other with some unique features. 

LG Linear Compressor vs Samsung Digital Inverter

1. Invertor Linear Compressor

LG makes a huge technological advancement with its inverter linear compressor. It lowers the consumption of electricity to a greater extent. The invertor linear compressor reduces the electricity charges by 25 percentage. Not only it reduces the electricity bills, but it also reduces the sound to a minimum. It gives you a pleasant environment with no sounds coming out of the refrigerator.

2. Digital Inverter

Samsung’s digital inverter technology smartly senses the temperature changes. It thoroughly monitors the cool airflow inside the refrigerator. While opening and closing the doors, the temperature gets deviated in other refrigerators. But Samsung has made excellent technological assistance here. It delivers more air if there is a shortness of cool breeze inside.

This Digital inverter technology also senses the temperature outside. It makes changes in the refrigerator’s humidity as per the temperature outside. So, the quality of food placed inside remains the same. 

Refrigerator comparison between LG and Samsung 

Both LG and Samsung offer an excellent quality of products along with useful features. Both the products compete for one over the other. Let us have a detailed view of various aspects of the refrigerator.

1. Features

LG and Samsung offer excellent features, which are quite fascinating. Both LG and Samsung has a unique feature to have a look at it. LG has all the user-friendly features enabled inside the refrigerator. With its smart technology, you will know the detailed functioning of the fridge.

But Samsung no longer lesser than LG. Technically, it is much stronger than the LG. It has the coolest functions to maintain the freshness of the food kept inside. It has more efficient processes that set huge standards. So, Samsung edges over the LG in terms of features.

2. Price

Both Samsung and LG come in a similar price range, and they don’t fail to impress. They give all the features that could fit in all types of price ranges. Both brands are the same in terms of price ranges. 

3. Customer service

LG has an outstanding after-sales service while comparing it to Samsung. Samsung too offers quality service, and it has many service centers. But LG remains at the top as their service is far better than all the refrigerators in the Indian market. It has more than enough service centers across the country.

4. Energy consumption

LG has various products in its lineup where the energy consumption is less. They have enormous star rating products that consume up to 48% of the energy. Samsung too offers more awesome energy-saving products, but LG claims over the top. Major LG refrigerators come with lesser energy consumption options.

5. Built quality

Samsung looks excellent here as it is built with more reliable materials. Samsung has greater longevity than the LG. Samsung is very good at bringing fine quality materials. But LG too gives its best with its healthy built products. However, Samsung impresses the category widely.

6. Design

Both LG and Samsung offer colorful refrigerators, and their designs are beautifully crafted. They won’t disappoint you at any cost. They fill your kitchen with its vibrant design, which makes an added advantage. 

7. Storage

Refrigerators usually come with enough space to store our daily households. Here, it depends on the model and not on the maker. Both Samsung and LG have perfect storage compartments. It allows you to have enormous space options. Also, both machines have flexible options to change the humidity.

LG vs Samsung Double Door Refrigerator Comparison

LG Double Door Refrigerator Frost Free

LG 260 L 3 Star Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator

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260 L

3 Star

Frost Free

Smart Inverter Compressor

Shiny Steel

LG is a tough competitor to Samsung, as it comes with brilliant features. LG maintains the remuneration in the refrigerator sector too. LG 260 L double door refrigerator is the best example of that. The refrigerator is simply the best in this range of LG products. They have all the brilliance equipped inside.

The refrigerator promises to keep all the items inside, retaining the originality. They make the fruits and vegetables remain hydrated and healthy. They give all sorts of storage facilities with its wide compartments.

The smart inverter compressor brings only efficient energy as per the need. It retains the freshness and reduces the noise level to a greater extent. The multi-flow cooling technology makes the airflow in all directions. This makes the ingredients inside the refrigerator to get all the breathing. It ensures that the freshness of fruits and vegetables remains the same.

The auto smart connector helps you in the event of power-offs. Whenever the electricity fails, it connects the refrigerator to the invertor with ease. All the LG products have a specialized and handy mobile app called smart diagnosis. 

The smart diagnosis feature maintains absolute connectivity with the refrigerator. It keeps telling the accurate information about the fridge. In terms of any problems in the fridge, it gives you a notification. The fridge made with robust materials stays strong and firm. 

  • • Built with superior quality materials.
  • • Wider storage capacity.
  • • The features are in the top class.
  • • Value for money.
  • Not Much

Samsung Double Door Refrigerator

Samsung 324L 3 Star Inverter Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator

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3 Star Inverter


Frost Free

Samsung has built this reliable refrigerator filled with enormous features. They offer excellent performance and ensures the longevity of the product. Samsung gives its utmost best in class while bringing this product. They have all the superior features enhanced inside. Samsung has made this 324L double door refrigerator to stand at the top. 

The refrigerator comes with big compartments. So you will not find difficulties in storing your essentials. With its comprehensive humidity control options, the food remains in a healthy state. Samsung renders the best in class interior built with toughened materials.

Samsung’s digital inverter technology is an added advantage. It consumes only limited energy as per the need and saves more electricity costs. Also, the noise level is very minimal and doesn’t harm the surroundings.

The twin cooling feature from Samsung has an excellent impression on the market. It doubles the freshness of the food placed inside. The humidity levels are changeable here. So, you have the option to control the airflows in the fridge and freezer. It has five different modes to alter the humidity levels.

The refrigerator has an inbuilt movable ice maker. It is straightforward to use as all you need is a simple twist. The glass material inside the fridge is made up of a toughened glass material. The refrigerator promises to keep the fruits and vegetables in a fresh state. 

The refrigerator has all the options inbuilt, and it is very strong and firm. I am pretty sure that it won’t even make a single disappointment. 

  • Energy-efficient.
  • Noiseless operation.
  • Comes with solid built quality.
  • Value for money.
  • Have all the features to look in a refrigerator.
  • Nothing to Mention

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LG vs Samsung Refrigerator Conclusion

Now, you might have got an idea about the brands. Hope we have given our best in making your buying decision easy. Better look for the different products in both brands. It will provide you with more detailed insights about the LG or Samsung Refrigerators and its features. 

What we conclude is that LG is better in terms of service and convenience. Samsung is better in terms of features and built quality.