Best LG FH0H3NDNL02 vs LG FH0B8NDL22 Comparison Review

LG is among the top and reliable brands in India. The company has always come up with innovative and quality products. The products of LG are available in all price ranges. So, it fulfils the need of its entire customer base. 

In India, the company is selling top washing machines. The washing machines are filled with innovative features and advanced technology. 


The following two models of LG washing machine are the popular ones. 


· FH0B8NDL22

Both the machines have their good features. 

LG FH0H3NDNL02 vs LG FH0B8NDL22 Comparison

Let’s go for the technical comparison between these two models of LG washing machines. 

In terms of capacity, both are the same. The capacity is 6 kgs. Therefore, both of these machines are perfect for a small family with 3-4 members. 

Indeed, the drier speed and wash programs are the same in these two models. For the function of temperature control also, they are similar. 

These two models are running on inverter direct drive technology. This technology is silent as well as power efficient. So, these machines are a better option than those working on the belt drive technology. 

LG has a unique feature. It has a six motion wash feature. These include a basic wash cycle in combination with other wash cycles. For the delicate wash cycle, Tumble and Rolling& Swing motion is present. However, if you want a powerful wash cycle for tough stains, you can use stepping and filtration& Scrubbing motions. 

Smart diagnosis is another wonderful feature of LG washing machines. It is a good functionality of the washing machines. So, in case having an issue with the washing machine, a simple call to customer care will help you a lot. 

Place your phone near the washing machine. It will help in detecting the problem with the washing machines. The technician will be able to make the diagnosis quickly and correctly. 

Now the differences arise. FH0FANDNL02 was launched in the year 2017. However, the other one launched in 2016. It is surprising to know about the pricing of these two. Generally, newer models are expensive. But, here, the newer model is cheaper than, the older one. 

FH0B8NDL22 has an older design display. But, at the same time, the other one has a touch panel. Surely, the touch panel is far better than any display. 

LG FH0H3NDNL02 Review

Best LG FH0H3NDNL02 vs LG FH0B8NDL22 Comparison Review

This washing machine from LG has direct drive technology. It means the motor is directly connected to the drum. The direct connection results in less consumption of power. If the power consumption is less, then definitely your electricity bill will also affect. It will be less. 

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All these make the washing machine experience a lovely one. The durability of the washing machine is also good. Hence, it will be your partner for many years. 

It is very important to have silent washing. The washing machine stands on this also. Use of this washing machine gives you a silent washing. The model does not produce any noise and vibrations. 

Washing different fabrics need different modes of washing. Six motion washing cycle will help you in washing different fabrics. This protects the fabrics of the clothes.

Different washy cycles support soft washing as well as hand washing. Swing, rolling, and tumble are perfect for soft and delicate fabrics. 

Scrubbing, filtration and stepping are for the powerful wash combination. The presence of a jog dial helps in choosing the wash program. You can choose the wash program according to the cloth you need to wash. 

The most important thing is the anti-rat cover. It will prevent the washing machine from rat infestation. 

Less water consumption helps you in saving water. Moreover, it also aids in dealing with less water availability in some areas. So washing is no more an issue. 

Smart diagnosis is an easy and faster way to know the troubleshooting problems. 

LG FH0B8NDL22 Review

Best LG FH0H3NDNL02 vs LG FH0B8NDL22 Comparison Review

These days it is really very difficult to find the right washing machine for all your washing needs. But LG is serving you with its top models. The washing machines models of LG help in washing and cleaning clothes. Advanced technology helps a lot in washing. This is a fully automatic front-loading product for washing. The results are great at low running cost. 

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The product brings a change in your life. It fulfils the need of washing clothes. A big pile of clothes is not a headache now. With this washing machine, the task of washing clothes becomes easy.

Attachment of the motor directly with the drum leads to giving off much less energy. Ultimately, it results in less consumption of energy. It results in less power consumption. Hence, you are going to pay less electricity bill. In addition, you will get awesome washing performance with less vibration as well as noise. All these features contribute to enhancing the durability of the product. 

The model is featuring the six motion DD technology. It means this makes you comfortable with different washing motions. This feature is appropriate for different kinds of clothes. These are filtration, swing, tumbling, rolling, stepping and scrubbing. You can choose any one of these that suits the fabric of your clothes. Also, set the motion as per the stain and dirt on the clothes. 


For most Indian households, LG is a trustworthy brand. The company has made its name in terms of quality products with innovative technology. 

If you want to buy a modern and functional washing machine, then you should opt for FH0FANDNL02. There is not much difference between these two models. But still, I highly recommend this model. This is a new model in comparison to the other model of LG. 

Despite new in the version, its price is low to the model of LG FH0H3NDNL02. This is an important thing to consider. Budget matters a lot. Not only this, its digital displays is an added advantage over the LG FH0H3NDNL02. So, buying LG FH0FANDNL02 will be a wise decision. 

Consider your choices and needs before making a purchase. Your need will always help you in buying the right one. In addition, looks, technology, innovation and functionality are important things to consider. So, before making up your mind about purchasing a washing machine, give a little thought.