IFB Vs Bosch Washing Machine Which one is Better? Compare

IFB and BOSCH are the domineering brands when it comes to the washing machine. Both laid a strong foundation in the people’s mindsets for years. So, comparing these to forerunners and choosing the best one is a quite tricky task.

Both IFB and BOSCH are loaded with useful features at attractive prices. The only thing that remains constant among them is quality. Yes, both the brands bring you the perfect impression, meeting all the standards. 

I know you confused to buy an IFB vs Bosch washing machine. That’s why we are here. This article lets you have a complete picture of both brands. Let us see the detailed comparison below. Hope you will get clarity in choosing the right one. 

Compare IFB Vs Bosch Washing Machine India

Compare Bosch and IFB Washing Machines

Both IFB and BOSCH bring all the advanced features with its remarkable engineering. IFB has done an exceptional job of bringing superior front-loaders in the country. This laid a strong foundation in this segment. 

But it doesn’t mean that the top loaders are not doing well. Top loaders are too enhanced with particular goodness to look in an ideal washing machine. IFB is loaded with enormous merits to its side, and still, it makes the best impression among the public.

IFB never makes the customers’ delight get spoiled. So, it gives utmost care in fulfilling all the essentials. On the other hand, BOSCH too gives its best in giving what the customers expect.

BOSCH always keeps an eye on bringing the high standard performance. They are built with a reliable machine which is the driving factor. The BOSCH machines are very well known for its solid functionality and reliability. They give you a complete noiseless environment while undergoing the wash program.

BOSCH gives equal tough competition to the IFB washing machines. Both look good in terms of functionality and user experience. The comparison is difficult as both the dominating brands are top-class. It is up to you to decide which one is better as per your convenience. We are just a guiding factor in showcasing the goodness of both brands. 

bosch or iFB washing machine which is better?

Service & Price & Warranty 

When it comes to service, price and warranty, both the brands look good. However, a few things that make the one better than the other. So, it is better to have an in-depth look at the comparison.


BOSCH and IFB give all sorts of services across the country with a quick response on time. Both excel in providing quality service before and after installation. 

During the initial stages of IFB, the name they got for the service is remarkable. But, soon after the growth, the service department slightly slips down. You might have seen on Flipkart and Amazon that the installation is not done even after a week.

BOSCH does an impressive job here. The service quality remains the same from the beginning. The response is quite good comparably. They give utmost importance to the significant issues coming from a washing machine. It is better in metro cities. But, in the interior parts of the country, it remains silent over the years.

So, in terms of service, both do an impressive job. But, somehow due to the quick response and quality service, BOSCH wins here. 


Initially, when BOSCH came into the business, it launched only the expensive items. It somehow registered BOSCH as an expensive washing machine in the people’s mindset. During those times, IFB came with an impressive price tag along with the quality machines. Still the same is maintained in IFB. They give excellent products at an attractive price range.

But, BOSCH doesn’t seem to be a loser here. It too gives you the products at attractive prices. But, while comparing with IFB, it slightly priced ahead. So, IFB wins BOSCH in the pricing segment.


Generally, most of the IFB machines come with four years warranty on both the machine and motor. It is awe-inspiring over the BOSCH washing machines which is comparatively less. They mostly offer a warranty for only two years. So, here going with the IFB seems to be better. 

Build Quality 

Both the washing machines utilize their solid stainless steel built body. The superior build is unquestionable on both the items. However, BOSCH makes a slightly better impression on the IFB. The super grade metallic built makes the best way for the sturdy performance. It looks quite impressive and edges over the BOSCH washing machines.

difference between IFB and bosch washing machine Features

Top Features of IFB Washing Machines

Aqua Energie: IFB uses a magnet technology where it converts the hard water into soft water. This powerful technology dissolves the unwanted mineral content in the water. It serves better in washing the clothes breaking down the bicarbonates in the water. 

Foam control: This feature enhances the quality of washing by diluting the excess foam in the tub. It dissolves the excess foam, maintaining the quality of the wash program.

Tub Clean: This feature is highly useful in reducing foul odors. Most of the time, the other washing machines fail to give this kind of feature. It is highly helpful to keep the dirt smell out of your essential. 

3-D wash: The 3-D wash program makes use of the detergent to the full. It dissolves the detergent ultimately to bring effective wash. It keeps your clothes cleaner and out of errors.

Laundry adds: This laundry add on feature lets you to add the additional laundry during the wash. You need not worry if you have forgotten to add a dress. You still have the option to add the additional clothes in between. 

Smart sense: This smart feature automatically detects the weight and use them conveniently. It saves water and energy to a greater extent.

Deep clean: The deep clean comprises a lot of mechanisms built inside. The triadic pulsator design deeply cleans the clothes. 

Top Features of BOSCH Washing Machine:

Allergy plus: Allergy plus keeps the clothes free from germs. It keeps the water level at 60 degrees Celcius. It kills the germs inside the tub, providing you only hygienic clothes.

Vario Drum: At the time of wash the drum rotates in specific directions. This makes the wash much more effective than the regular wash program. This Vario drum feature from the BOSCH washing machine takes the utmost care of the cloth. 

Active water plus: This active water plus feature consists of 256 sensors in the machine. This feature smartly senses the fabric type and the amount of water needed for the wash. It reduces the consumption of water and electricity to a greater extent.

Anti-vibration design: This anti-vibration design improves stability with better insulation. It gives the firm support in the reduction of the vibration. This makes the washing machine to run smoothly without making any noise or vibration.

PowerWave wash system: This feature gives a powerful wash with better performance. It outlasts all the tough jobs in washing.

So, these features might have given you some instincts about both the brands. Both the brands deliver all the goodness one can look for in a washing machine. It is up to you to decide.

Top IFB Vs Bosch Washing Machine India

1. IFB Front Load Washing Machine Review – 6Kg

IFB 6 kg Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine

IFB comes with an impressive performer in the category of 6 kg washing machines. With robust construction and stable performance, the machine outlasts the heavy-duty. The machine gives you an immense water wash quality which is notable to a greater extent. The excellent features occupied in this machine gives you a substantial boost to look at this machine.

IFB gives you a promising operation with its superior quality wash programs. It gives you only the cleanest wash making the fabric everlasting. The Aqua Energie program from the machine dissolves the detergent thoroughly. It reaches the nook corners of the materials removing the most challenging stains on the clothes.

The Anti-allergen functioning keeps the germs away from the clothes. If you have forgotten to add laundry, no worries even during the run time you can add it. Sometimes there may be severe fluctuations in the voltages. You need not worry about the damages as it comes with high voltage protection.

The machine adds up top-class advantages to your washing needs. Grab this one if you are very much interested

Features What do we like?
  • Express wash.
  • Crescent moon drum.
  • 2-D wash system.
  • Laundry adds options.
  • High voltage protection.
  • Value for money.
  • Excellent brand value.
  • Super build quality.
  • Strong reliability.
  • Maintains the fabric quality.

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2. IFB Top Load Washing Machine Review 6.5 Kg

(TL RSS 6.5 kg Aqua, Light Grey) 


We have already seen the goodness of the front loader machines now it’s time for the top-loaders. The machine gives you a reliable, long-lasting performance. The washing program is entirely smooth without making any noise. The smooth flow of work with the quality wash functioning makes the best impression. 

The fully automatic washer renders the top-class work with the crescent moon drum. It retains the quality of clothes, making them look like a newer one. The machine is enhanced with soft scrub pads. It completely dislodges the stubborn dirt. This mechanic centre punch action from the triadic pulsator pushes out the stains. 

The machine encompasses the smart sense of technology. It automatically senses the water levels based on the load. It saves water efficiently. The lint tower filter clears the drainage by removing the lint and microfibers.

 The washer deeply cleans the laundry, maintaining a high level of cleanliness. The washing machine is made for every Indian homemaker. I am sure that you won’t get disappointed with this effective washer in your home. 

Features What do we like?
  • Aqua Energie.
  • Lint tower filter.
  • Cresent moon drum.
  • Bleach dispenser.
  • Triadic pulsator wash.
  • Smart sense.
  • Big LED display.
  • Comes with enormous features.
  • Performance is the top class.
  • The quality of the wash is impressive.

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3. Bosch Front Load Washing Machine Review – 7Kg Fully-Automatic

(WAK24168IN, Silver, Inbuilt Heater) 

Bosch 7 kg Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine

Here comes the direct competitor of the above mentioned IFB products. BOSCH too gives a wide variety of options to explore like IFB. The 7 kg fully automatic machine doesn’t fail to create an impression. The machine is loaded with the bundle of goodness to its side. Each and everything inside the machine speaks its value. BOSCH has done a splendid job in bringing this top-class machine.

The super 15/30 mins wash not only lets the laundry out sooner, but it also maintains the wash quality. It never compromises the quality of wash and also valuing your good time. The machine runs in a quiet environment. It never makes out loud noise during the wash. The vibration is also very minimal. So you could experience a smooth and salient performance.

The machine gives you excellent 15 wash programs. Each of them gives you absolute brilliance in the wash. The washer stands out for a relatively long time. You need not worry about longevity. The durability is undoubted as everybody knows it’s a world-class product. 

Features What do we like?
  • Speed perfect program.
  • Unbalanced load detection.
  • Multiple washer protection.
  • 15 different wash programs.
  • Child lock.
  • Allergies plus for germ protection.
  • Unlock and reload function.
  • Stronger built-in quality.
  • Strictly prohibits the germs.
  • Provides outstanding energy consumption.

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4. Bosch Top Load Washing Machine Review – 6.5Kg Fully-Automatic

(WOE654W0IN, White) 


BOSCH comes with an affordable top-loading machine that offers high-end performance. This particular machine from BOSCH is the major attraction in the top-loading segment. Performance and the function it holds is quite immense. It can withstand all the top loader machines. You will get all the delights from this immaculate washer.

The machine gives all the comforts which are most suitable for the family with 4-5 members. It comes with eight distinct programs, and each one does the job entirely. German engineering gives all the excellence one could expect in a top loader. The PowerWave wash system shows elegance fighting all the toughest stains.

The power-off memory function resumes the work after the power off is over. The magic filter does the delightful job of reducing the lint from the fabrics. The soft closing lid with the toughened glass lid is super strong and highly reliable.

Bring home the whole new washing experience with this powerful machine. It firmly supports maintaining the quality of the laundry.

Features What do we like?
  • Automatic tub stop during lid opening.
  • Powerwave wash system.
  • Magic filter.
  • Child lock.
  • Laundry is maintained with utmost care.
  • The regulated movement is good.
  • Greater sturdiness.
  • Minimal noise level.
  • Easy to operate.

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IFB or Bosch Washing Machine Which is Best?

So, have you made your choice clear? Each of the products mentioned above has delicate functionalities. If those functionalities wsuit your requirements, then don’t hesitate, grab that washer. Hope we have given you a clear insight.