7 Best Wall Mounted Fans in India 2021

In every household, fans are necessities. They assure the proper air circulation along with the ventilation. It helps in providing ease from the heat during hot days. In the market, there are many kinds available, like cabinet fans, ceiling fans, wall fans, etc. Among all these, the wall fan makes a special place in the house.

Wall fans are simple ones that are mounting on walls. They push the air by circulating in the downward directions. These are as good as any other kind of fan. These are good like a ceiling fan to make the surrounding cool.

Best Wall Mounted Fans 2020

Best Wall Mounted Fans

 1. Crompton High Wave designer wall mounted fan India

Crompton High Flo Wave Wall Mounted Fan

Crompton is a famous brand in this category. It is a trusted one. So, durability is not an issue with this wall-mounted fan. The performance is excellent. It has 1300 RPM. The distance covered is also quite useful. It is 400 mm. 75CMM is the most excellent air delivery.

Besides, the fan has thermal overload protection. This feature helps during power cut fluctuations. It also adds life to the motor of the fan.

 Its elegant look provides aesthetic feeling to the surroundings. The weight is also not too much. It is lightweight. The fan weighs around 3.4 kgs. Hence, mounting is not an issue.

There is a smooth speed control with this fan. You will have continuous oscillation as well as pull cords. The air delivery is excellent.

It is durable as it is made up of blades and plastic. Durability assures the life span of this fan. The company is also providing a 1-year warranty.

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Pros & Cons
  •  Power consumption is less.
  • It is energy efficient.
  • Noiseless operation
  • This fan is durable
  • It provides smooth airflow
  • The fan is perfect for the office as well as home use.
  • There is no remote to control it. One has to manage manually.
  • Installation is not free.

 2. Usha Mist Air ICY 400mm Best Wall Fan 2020

Usha Mist Air ICY 400mm - 55-Watt Wall Fan

Usha is a reputable brand in the fan industry. So, Usha Mist Air fan is a good quality fan.  Its aerodynamic PP blades are suitable to give proper air delivery. Moreover, get excellent air delivery at low noise.

The fan comes with dual color. The dual color makes the fan attractive and elegant. Its decorative style will add beauty to space.

Get the uniform and jerk-free oscillation with this option. For head-tilting adjustment, this model has a ratchet-type mechanism.

At the time of thermal overloading, it features fuse to the auto-protect motor. There is three-speed in it. The fan has string-based control. So, you need to pull the string to change the speed. It is easy to control like this.

The power consumption is also feasible. It is 55W. The RPM of the fan is 1280.  The fan comes with two years warranty.

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Pros & Cons
  • Uniform oscillation
  • Ratchet type mechanism
  • It is featured with fuse to auto-protect motor
  • The fan has two years warranty.

    3. Havells Wall Mounted Fan Swing 400 MM


    Havells Swing 400mm Wall Fan

    This model of Havells is perfect for those who are fed up with the voltage fluctuations. The fan has a Thermal overload protector feature—this aids in protecting the motor during the fluctuations.

     It also aids in smooth operation without noise. So enjoy the cooling and have peaceful surroundings. Its quiet operation helps in getting sound and peaceful sleep.

    There is a facility of pull cord also. This amazing feature will help you in getting the speed adjustable by a single pull. Hence, controlling the speed becomes easy for you. Pull the thread and change the speed. Adjust the speed as per your comfort.

    It also supports saving the electricity bill. The wall fan also works at a low voltage. So, voltage fluctuation is not an issue anymore. High motor fluctuations are in control. The thermal overload protector manages high motor fluctuations.

    Its elegant design makes it ideal for room and kitchen. The office is also another place to use it. The plans of blades are aerodynamically designed.

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    Pros & Cons
    • The fan offers silent as well as smooth operation
    • Installation is not hard. It is easy.
    • The fan has a 2-year warranty.
    • This one is perfect for an office and home
    • The fan consumes less power. It is 50 W.
    • The fan has a stellar look.
    • Sometimes it makes little noise.
    • It is less smooth during vertical neck operation.
    • There is no option of remote control.

    4. Luminous High Speed Best Wall Fan 2019

    Luminous Speed Max

     Luminous is one of the most reliable brands of the Indian Market. So, it must have space on this list. The best part about this is its beautiful features. It becomes a part of your life whether you are in the balcony or kitchen.

    The fan has a strong motor. This wall-mounted fan has electric switch oscillations and abs blade. Its thermal overload protection is a fantastic feature. Hence, the life span is not an issue.

    The thermal overload protection increases the life span of the fan. It protects wear and tear. Besides, it also helps in functioning low voltage. Thus, the low voltage will not create any problem in its operations.

    This fan knob mechanism is for the purpose of neck tilting. Its simple design adds elegance to the surroundings. It combines beauty with the decor.

     Its broad base helps in keeping the fan sturdy. Thus, staying near the window will not allow tripping easily.

     Air delivery is also excellent. So, in summer days, enjoy the cool breeze. Get the surroundings refreshing and enjoyable.

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    Pros & Cons
    • Excellent performance
    • It is a reliable brand.
    • ABS blade high throw
    • Hi-speed with 2200 RPM.
    • Strong motor
    • Not rechargeable

    5. Orient Electric high speed wall mounted fan

    Orient Electric Wall Fan

     The wall fan has all the decent features in it, like a silent operation and decent speed. It also covers a large area. Blades of the fan are significant, and speed is also good. Motor speed is 1325 RPM.

     Oscillation is a crucial feature. This fan comes in three-speed settings. Power consumption is also minimal. So, it will save the electricity bill.

     It does not put extra weight on your pocket. This one is pocket friendly. The fan is a perfect solution for the hall, bedroom, and kitchen. The fan has a metal body.

     It is a 450 mm wall fan. The brand is a name itself. It has two years warranty fan. Air displacement is 6030 m3/Hour.

     With this fan, there is no need to spend money on electricity bills. It saves energy and, in turn, saves money. Its low consumption helps in using low power.

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    Pros & Cons
    • Its power consumption is less.
    • Saving on the electricity bill.
    • Design is elegant.
    • Ideal for every place.
    • The fan has a 2-years warranty.
    • Silent operation
    • Sometimes, vibrations might be an issue.

    6. Havells Airbol High Speed Wall Fan

    Havells Airbol 450 mm high speed Wall Fan

    This Havells wall fan delivers a cool breeze. Refresh the summer season with the beautiful wall fan. It is a trendy one. Its compact design adds beauty to room decor.

    Impressive air delivery will keep you fresh on the hot days. The powerful motor has ergonomically designed blades. It assures optimum air circulation.

    Jerk free oscillation is a beautiful feature. The pivot arrangement is useful in the easy tilting. It also helps in the smooth swing. This mechanism helps in customizing the settings of a wall fan.

    The fan performs perfectly at a low voltage. Experience comfort at a low voltage. Its powerful motor assures optimum performance. It also ensures superior air delivery across the room.

     This table fan is perfect for the home interiors. It will complement the premium décor.  The pull cord of the fan makes the functioning easy. Pulling the cord makes the usage easy. Just a single pull and adjust the fan settings.

     Installation is not a very hard task. It is easy to do. The right tools and techniques help in proper lighting.

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    Pros & Cons
    • Three-blade design
    • Jerk free oscillation
    • Smooth running
    • Pull cord
    • It can perform at low voltages.
    • sweep is 450mm
    • NA

    7. V Guard Wall Fan Superflo High-Speed

    V Guard Wall Fan Superflo High-Speed- White

     V-Guard is not a new name in the fan market. In a very few years, the brand has come up with trust and reliability. Its superflow high-speed wall fan is an excellent product to choose from.

     Its speed is 2100 RPM. So, air delivery is good with optimum air delivery. The air reaches every corner of the room. Its aerodynamically designed blades support excellent air delivery.

     The motor winding comes with enamelled copper of high quality.  For optimum power consumption, the fan has stator material of higher grade.

    To control the operations and speed of the fan, it has a pull cord. Hence, pull the cord to control it. The process of controlling the speed of the fan becomes comfortable with the pull cord.

    To keep the things as per the comfort and convenience, get the ease of variable speed option.  The wall fan is versatile in every function. Keep the noise and speed setting under control.

     Its distance coverage is 400mm. So, it covers a functional area of your space.

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    Pros & Cons
    • It is lightweight.
    • Good air delivery.
    • It is ideal for home and office use.
    • It can work at low voltage.
    • Installation sometimes causes a problem.

    How to Choose a wall mounted fan

    Picking the right wall mount fan for your place may be difficult but not an impossible one. If you are a new buyer, also, then also you just need a guide for guidance. You need to consider certain important factors for buying the ideal one.

     Let’s have a look at factors before purchasing one for you.

    Blade sweep

    It is essential to check the blade sweep potential. It will define the circular zone. This circular zone is covered by a wall fan when the blade spins. Hence, this will give you the information regarding the delivery of air in a room. It must be high.

     Thus, one must go for a range between 40-450mm.

    Size of fan

     The wall space and size of the room decides the size of the fan one must-have. If you want to install in the room and kitchen, opt for a small wall mount fan. But, if the area is large, then going with a massive fan is a wise idea.

     The big fan has average speed. The speed offers sufficient air circulation in the entire space. The smaller ones run at a higher speed.

     Air delivery

     It means air provided by the blade per minute. Generally, CMM (cubic meter per minute) or CFM (cubic feet per minute) is used in measuring air delivery. Higher the CM, the more significant is the air volume. So, the fan will pass a large amount of air in the room.

     The air delivery is an important point. Hence, one must opt for a wall fan with a high air delivery metric.

    Fan speed

    The speed in terms of rotations per minute. The wall fan with higher RPM is a good one to opt for. Wall fans come with both options i.e., fixed and variable speed. A variable speed option is a good one to choose from.

    Change the speed. You can increase or decrease the speed as per your need. The standard options are low, medium, and high. Choose any one of these. Select the speed as per the temperature of the area.

    Generally, wall fans offer 1300 RPM. So, choose the fan with 1300 RPM or more.

    Quality of fan

    It is necessary to look for the quality of the fan. The excellent quality material decides the lifespan of a fan. It also prevents any electrical problems and accidents at home.

    Generally, wall fans are light in weight. Thus, they can easily install on the wall. Hence, they are typically made up of plastic material.

    The fan must have metal casting. It will help in the prevention of direct access to the fan’s blade.


    In every home, fans are the most common cooling appliance. These high-speed wall-mounted fans are trendy ones. Over the past years, due to high-speed air delivery and compact size, their popularity has increased. It is useful both in commercial areas as well as residential ones.

    However, to get the best results, the installation is done nearby. Wall mount fans distribute air across the room evenly. The blades are generally aerodynamically designed.