11 Best Virgin Coconut Oil Brand in India Review 2021

In many significant ways, virgin coconut oil is different from regular coconut oil. Yet, it seems similar, but still, there are differences. Coconut milk from fresh coconuts is used to extract virgin coconut oil. The extraction process is entirely different from the traditional idea. 

Here, we don’t use any heat methods for the extraction process. Indeed, no use of sunlight too. 

Avoiding sunlight and heat helps in retaining all minerals. Additionally, it also helps in securing antioxidants, vitamins, and good cholesterol. 

Regular oil of coconut requires lots of processing. It includes heating and refining. Filtering is also a process to extract the oil from dried coconuts. 

Obviously, virgin coconut oil is better in every aspect. It has better taste, smell, and shell life. Due to these properties, virgin coconut oil is getting popular all over the world. It has lots of health benefits. 

In the market, virgin coconut oil is available under a large number of brands. So, it is very confusing to select one fulfilling our requirement of beauty and health. 

Best Virgin Coconut Oil Brand in India

Best Virgin Coconut Oil Brand in India

Here, a list is present to help you with selecting virgin coconut oil. 

1. Maxcare Virgin Coconut Oil (Cold Pressed) 500ML

Maxcare Virgin Coconut Oil (Cold Pressed) 500ML

It is a multipurpose and natural virgin coconut oil. The product is quite satisfying for beauty and dietary uses. Moreover, there are many other wonderful uses. Dandruff is a significant issue for hair care. The product is suitable for treating dandruff. It also treats hair loss. So, this virgin coconut oil is effective in treating hair issues effectively. 

The product is made helpful for moisturizing skin as well as hair. It is an excellent product for deep conditioning. It strengthens the hair. 

In everyday cooking, just add a unique flavor to your food. It makes our food healthy. So, get tasty food with health benefits. 

Hence, it is eligible to use for internal consumption as well as an external application. This oil is good for promoting healthy metabolism. So, in turn, it is very supportive for weight loss. 

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  • It is a good substitute for butter and ghee.
  • There is no added preservative and additives in it. This one is delicate with a mild aroma. It has a thin consistency with water-like clarity.
  • It is reasonably priced.

    2. Coco Soul Cold Pressed Natural Virgin Coconut Oil, From the makers of Parachute, 250 ml

    Coco Soul Cold Pressed Natural Virgin Coconut Oil, From the makers of Parachute, 250 ml

    Parachute and Saffola are reputable brands of the country. They launched virgin coconut oil with the brand name of Coco Soul. It is suitable for all types of hair. Use of the oil results in a good experience. 

    The virgin coconut oil from Coco Soul comes from freshly harvested coconuts. This is purely cold-pressed and natural oil. Cold pressing is the technique of locking all the vital nutrients of natural coconut in the oil. It also makes the oil perfect for raw consumption. 

    It has a high smoke point. The oil also has better oxidative stability. Both of these properties make this virgin coconut oil edible oil. The product is making its presence in the keto diets. 

    This product has all the goodness of fresh coconut. Indeed, the packaging of the product is environmentally friendly. It is a recyclable bottle. Double locks are present at the mouth. It seals the mouth. Hence, the sealing assures no leakage. 

    The fragrance of the oil is just like fresh coconut. No added any overwhelming fragrances. Just enjoy the natural fragrance. The consistency of the product is medium as well as perfect. Hence, it is neither too light to flow nor too thick. 

    The packing of this brand comes in different amounts. It comes in the packing of 250 ml, 500ml, and 1 l. 

    Obviously, it is preservative and gluten-free. It is a vegan product. This is a superfood giving health benefits to us. It improves immunity. 

    Managing weight becomes easy with this virgin coconut oil. Digestion of medium-chain triglycerides is digested with ease. Hence, it is not stored in the body. Thus, it does not let the increase in the weight. 

    For Indian cuisines, it is best. It is best to use for frying, baking, and marinating. 

    Virgin oil is effective in boosting energy. The product is rich in Vitamin E and Lauric acid C12. The multiple benefits of this oil make it worthy of money.

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    • It promotes the new growth of hair.
    • There are multipurpose uses of the product.
    • This is pure oil.
    • Affordable oil.
    • It is easily available.
    • This oil is not very effective in controlling hair fall.
    • Mainly, it is available in e-retail stores.

    3. Purvina 100% Natural Hot Processed Virgin Coconut Oil (Ventha Velichenna) – 250 ml | Diet-Friendly | Farm Fresh | No preservatives

    Purvina 100% Natural Hot Processed Virgin Coconut Oil (Ventha Velichenna) - 250 ml | Diet-Friendly | Farm Fresh | No preservatives

    100% organic product is always good for health. These kinds of products result in good hair and skin. Thus, using Purvina will let you have flawless skin and good hair. The product is prepared from the most delicate coconut of the state of Kerala. 

    The method of making the oil is quite traditional in nature. In a bronze vessel, the manufacturer heats the coconut milk. Constant stirring and temperature assure the best quality of the oil. This is 100% edible oil. Besides, the oil is a fantastic product for a baby’s skin and hair. 

    In accordance with Kerala’s traditional standards, the oil has its own natural flavors. There are no added chemicals in coconut virgin oil. Indeed, preservatives are also absent. 

    The use of this oil will prevent dryness of the skin. Massaging the oil to the scalp will result in hair growth. Simultaneously, hair fall also reduces. If you are fed up with dandruff, then using this will surely get you relief. 

    As this virgin coconut oil is rich in antioxidants, this is a diet-friendly product. Thus, you can opt for frying and baking without any guilt. 

    Ayurvedic experts are making claims related to the prevention of memory loss. So, consuming oil twice daily will help in enhancing memory. Boost the memory power with the consumption of Purvina’s virgin coconut oil. 

    Regular use of this oil will work on fine lines and wrinkles of the face. 

    Its massaging will help the babies to calm and let them have a peaceful sleep. 

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    • The oil is rich in minerals.
    • It is a good source of essential vitamins.
    • This is good for flawless hair.
    • This is quite good on sensitive skin.

      4. Disano Cold Press Virgin Coconut Oil Bottle, 250 ml

      Disano Cold Press Virgin Coconut Oil Bottle, 250 ml

      Pure coconut oil always derives from the natural method of extraction. 100% pure coconut oil never comes from synthetic methods. The natural source is coconut for 100% pure virgin coconut oil. Here, coconuts are obtained from organic farms.

      Traditional ways of extracting oil assure no addition of any inorganic substance. It also ensures no use of the chemical in making the oil. 

      No addition of chemicals and natural way of extraction preserves all the vital nutrients. In this oil, the aroma and taste are unique and natural. 

      For persons who are taking care of their weight, this oil is an excellent product for them. Its 63% MCFA aids in reducing weight. It keeps a check on the weight. Lack of GMOs, as well as preservatives, makes virgin coconut oil good for health. 

      Safe for the heart is an essential feature. Nowadays, heart diseases are increasing at an alarming rate. So, it is safe for cooking helps in retaining the taste along with the health benefits. 

      There are many other health benefits also. Maintaining healthy skin is one of them. It helps in getting shiny and flawless skin. Along with this, it aids in fighting against candida infection. 

      Additionally, it also works against liver diseases. Hence, keep your liver a healthy one with the consumption of this oil. Disano cold press virgin coconut oil acts as a natural anti-inflammatory agent. 

      Use it as a massage oil. This is a good baby massage oil. Also works as a nappy rash cream. So, this particular oil is a multipurpose oil. We can use it in many ways. 

      The product is perfect for hair, skin, dietary, and cooking. So, it is suitable for all. This is pure and vegan. 

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      • Perfect for skin and hair.
      • Good for the heart.
      • Perfect massage oil for babies.
      • Stimulates metabolism.
      • It controls weight.
      • It also improves LSL and HDL ratio.

        5. Merit VCO Extra Virgin Coconut Oil – 500 ML

        Disano Cold Press Virgin Coconut Oil Bottle, 250 ml

        Feel the goodness of nature with Merit VCO oil. This product is getting popular in the market. The reason behind its popularity is its benefits. The oil is unrefined. So, it has not lost its natural aroma and flavor. 

        Cold-pressed technology helps in retaining all the vital nutrients. The technology also makes the oil-free from any kind of chemicals. So, there are no chemicals inside the oil. It is completely pure and organic.

        No GMO and no additives are present in the virgin coconut oil. Using such oil is has a tremendous positive impact on health. So, consuming such oil will give you several health benefits. Hence, get yourself fit and healthy. 

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        • It is natural and pure. 

          6. KLF Nirmal Cold Pressed Virgin Coconut Oil, 250ml

          KLF Nirmal Cold Pressed Virgin Coconut Oil, 250ml

          KLF is another excellent cold-pressed virgin coconut oil. The oil has a mild, earthly aroma. It is soothing to experience such a natural aroma. It aids in calming all of your nerves and relaxes you. There is no noticeable fragrance in it. However, cold-pressed technology locks a pleasant aroma of coconut too. 

          KLF Nirmal is making use of fresh coconut for the extraction of oil. This virgin coconut oil is a rich source of lauric acid as well as nutrients. As the extraction process lacks a heating process, the oil has all the nutrients. 

          Generally, coconut oil is heavy in nature. But this one is not. This is lightweight. It is colorless. This is not a sticky oil. 

          Massaging the virgin coconut oil in your scalp will help in the growth of hairs. Indeed, it allows hair care. It offers a soft texture to hairs. This is good for getting long and strong hair. The oil gives many hair benefits. It is perfect for having shiny and frizz-free hair. 

          The composition of this oil is similar to the scalp. So, it penetrates into the scalp. In this way, it rebalances the sebum. In this manner, it helps in the prevention of dandruff. 

          The oil is good for health too. It enhances metabolism and increases immunity. Boost your energy with the consumption of this oil in cooking. Indeed, you can use it on salad and toppings. 

          This oil focuses on healing and nurturing. 

          It is an unrefined oil that has no added chemicals in it. 

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          • It has a mild pleasant aroma.
          • It is light and non-sticky.
          • The oil has intact all the nutrients of the fresh coconut.
          • This is good for hair and health.
          • The oil can be used for infants as well as children.

            7. ORGANIC INDIA Cold Pressed Virgin Coconut Oil, 500ml

            ORGANIC INDIA Cold Pressed Virgin Coconut Oil, 500ml

            Organic India is 100% organic and pure oil. It is excellent oil. Virgin coconut oil always promotes healthy metabolism. Indeed, it has positive impacts on skin and hair care. 

            Raw cold-processed technology of extraction helps in retaining all nutrients of the coconut. There is no involvement in refining and hydrogenation. The extraction process does not include deodorizing and bleaching. Indeed, GMO ingredients are absent. 

            Virgin coconut oil from Organic India is suitable for regular consumption. It has lauric acid and is a medium-chain fatty acid. Hence, it supports fat loss. It also aids in lowering down the body weight. 

            In terms of health, it is perfect for heart conditions. It keeps the heart healthy and functional. In addition, it promotes the healthy functioning of the endocrine system, including the thyroid. So, in turn, it increases the metabolic rate of the body. The increased metabolic rate helps in melting down extra pounds from the body. 

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            • It is virgin organic coconut oil.
            • It is unrefined and pure.
            • This oil has multipurpose use.
            • The oil is cold-pressed.
            • The product is healthy for the body, thyroid ad heart.

              8. Vedaka Cold Pressed Virgin Coconut Oil 500ml

              Vedaka Cold Pressed Virgin Coconut Oil 500ml

              Nothing can be better than a natural product. It is natural and pure oil. The method of extraction is purely natural without involving heat processes. Lack of heat treatment helps in retaining all the nutrients and vitamins. So, the oil is always beneficial to consume. 

              Vedaka virgin coconut oil makes itself a good one to use in frying and baking. Besides, it is suitable for roasting and sautéing. So, it is very convenient to use them in cooling. Cook delicious meals in virgin Vedaka coconut oil. Experience the fresh aroma with natural taste. 

              Get the natural taste and goodness of the coconut with the use of this virgin oil. In every drop of the oil, you will feel purity. Its fatty-acid profiling assures 100% purity. There are no added chemicals and adulterants in it. 

              The use of this oil helps in balancing nutrition and taste. 

              Anti-spill packaging helps in preventing the messiness of spilling of oil. This feature makes the culinary experience a pleasurable one. It makes the storage and pours non-greasy ones. 

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              • 100% pure
              • Unadulterated oil.
              • Suitable for frying, roasting, sautéing, and baking.
              • It has the natural taste and goodness of coconuts.
              • Its packaging is anti-spillage.

                9. WOW Life Science Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Coconut Oil – Pure & Natural Enriching & Nourishing Oil Bottle, 400 ml

                WOW Life Science Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Coconut Oil - Pure & Natural Enriching & Nourishing Oil Bottle, 400 ml

                WOW is a reputable brand, and within a brief period, the brand has gained popularity. The company has always come up with quality products for skin and hair care. In the row, WOW comes with cold-pressed extra virgin coconut oil. Cold-pressed technology of extraction involves centrifugal technology. This makes the oil 100% natural and pure. 

                It is a nourishing oil with multi-applications. The oil is effective in boosting the immunity of the body. So, it improves overall health. It also aids in improving digestion. 

                This gives a positive response to hair and skincare also. Thus, the oil serves for multiples tasks. 

                WOW, extra virgin coconut oil is rich in vitamin e, polyphenols, and phytosterols. It is also a rich source of lauric acid and antioxidants. The item is not containing any cholesterol and trans-fats.

                As the oil has Vitamin E, it is beneficial for skin and hair. In comparison to other edible oils, the amount of Vitamin E is high. 

                The oil is never refined and bleached. Indeed, it is not deodorized also. No use of dried coconut kernel in the extraction process helps in retaining all the nutrients. Hence, it provides many health benefits. 

                In terms of skincare, it deals with skin dryness. It rejuvenates the skin. The item also helps in minimizing the fine lines of the face. In hair care, it will deal with the dry scalp as well as hair. 

                Applying the oil on the body of the baby will keep the skin healthy and glowing. 

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                • This item is healthy for the body.
                • It aids in boosting immunity.
                • The product supports good skin and hair care.
                • It acts as a carrier oil in case you use it with the essential oils.
                • This item acts as a dietary supplement.

                  10. Puvi 1L Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Coconut Oil (Centrifuge wet process) 1000 ML

                  Puvi 1L Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Coconut Oil (Centrifuge wet process) 1000 ML

                  Natural ways of extraction make Puvi Extra virgin coconut oil a pure product. It has no preservatives and chemicals in it. The item is unrefined.

                  No heat is used in its extraction. Instead, centrifugal force is the method of extraction of the oil. This method locks the fresh coconut aroma in the oil. Natural flavor and taste also remain intact in the oil due to natural extraction. 

                  The oil supports metabolism enhancement. So, consuming this oil daily with your diet does not affect the weight. It has medium-chain triglycerides. The presence of this substance in the oil enhances the calories burnt in the body. So, it is favoring weight loss. 

                  Its raw consumption increases the energy level of the body. It is helpful as a natural beauty product also. This cold-pressed virgin coconut oil protects skin and hair. It also takes care of dental health. It moisturizes the scalp. Thus, reduces hair fall. 

                  Indeed, using the oil as massage oil calms the infants. A body massage to elders also relaxes them. 

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                  • Raw consumption enhances immunity and brain health.
                  • It is suitable for all cooking needs, including deep frying.
                  • This item acts as a moisturizer as well as a conditioner for the scalp.
                  • It is also suitable for Keto and Paleo diet.

                    11. Speaking Tree – Organic, Extra Virgin (Cold Processed) Coconut Oil – 200 ml

                    Speaking Tree - Organic, Extra Virgin (Cold Processed) Coconut Oil

                    This brand is producing unbleached and organic extra virgin coconut oil. The item does not contain any chemicals and preservatives. It is 100% natural. The oil has a strong aroma. 

                    It becomes solid when the temperature is low. When the surrounding temperature is high, it becomes liquid in nature. 

                    The product is an excellent substitute for butter in your daily life. It is good to use in baking also. So, daily usage of this oil will surely give you health benefits. As the oil is rich in antioxidants, it helps in reducing the free radicals present in the body. 

                    This is suitable for all of your cooking needs. Use it for frying, curries, sauces, and sauté. Indeed, you can also add it to regular tea and coffee. Simply add the oil in the idly butter to gain its benefits. 

                    The item applies to the keto diet. When you are on a diet, it will give you energy. It improves healthy metabolism.

                    It nourished the body not only from the outside, but nourishment also starts inside the body. The product shows an increase in good cholesterol. So, it gives you a healthy heart. It also regulates insulin secretion. Besides, it supports the healthy functioning of the endocrine system of the body.

                    Daily consumption of this virgin coconut oil will help in preparing the antibodies. Hence, it improves the immunity system of the body. The oil also has anti-inflammatory, antifungal, and antibacterial properties. So, it will give you relief during any infections. It helps in quick recovery during infections. 

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                    • It has properties to fight against infections.
                    • It helps in increasing good cholesterol. So, good for the heart.
                    • Good for hair and skin.
                    • It enhances metabolism.
                    • It increases the immunity of the body.


                      For ages, coconut oil is used for skin and hair care. It is used as a cooking oil in South India. The coconut oil gives a unique flavor and aroma to food. But the extraction of oil with the help of heating treatment degrades the quality and properties of the oil.

                      Virgin coconut oil is free from any such treatments. Their natural ways of extraction help in locking all the nutrients in it. By consuming such oil, we gain health benefits. Usage of such oil in our daily life brings the goodness of life.