11 Best Pedestal Fan in India 2021 Reviews with Price

In the hot summers, the table fans are the most important device at home. Unlike the ceiling fan, the table fan focuses on you. It just helps in increasing the air around your surroundings. This thing aids in controlling the temperature of the room. So, it enhances the comfortable stay, along with providing a wonderful experience.

You can have a sound sleep in the nights also assist in reducing the temperature. In addition, it will replace the moist air with dry air.

The pedestal fans are portable fans, which runs on electricity. These work on electricity and are used to improve comfort, control climate, add personal comfort, provide drafts and add ventilation. This type of fan is an axial type because there are blades and they force air to move shafts parallel, and the blade rotates. There are many Best Pedestal fan in India brands from, which you can choose. There are many essential elements of this type of fan, and these are

  • Oscillator gearbox
  • Oscillator shaft
  • Motor housing
  • Blade guard
  • Lead and armature wires

Benefits of pedestal fans

  • These fans are environment friendly
  • Use very low electricity
  • Maximize the effectiveness of air conditioning by disturbing and mixing air all over
  • These are economical because these are portable, and the cost per day is down. This means you get proper ventilation and stay cool at your home without the need of spending a fortune on the electricity bills
  • These are very simple to operate, and there is no need for mounting or installation required. You need to the plugin, turn on the switch and get the cooling comfort
  • There are remote control pedestal fans also available these days which you can use to add more comfort
  • Portable fans and you can quickly move around from one room to another
  • These are multi-functional and provides ventilation well as cooling effects

What you need to look for purchasing

Pedestal fans are also known as stand fans and are widespread household electric appliances and are also used in business establishments. This is because there are no critical criteria when you purchase them like tower fans and air conditioners. They use less energy and offers continuous airflow and also reduce humidity in office and homes. The standard features, which you are going to get are height adjustment, remote tilt, timer and oscillator. So when you need to purchase it, the first thing you need to decide is where it is going to be placed or used. For example, substantial business establishments, office and home. There are different brands, and the best thing is to read the reviews of the brands so that you can learn from the experiences of the others.

Features you need to check


Good pedestal fans do not make noise despite they have excellent cooling power and the majority of them work quietly. However, some people feel outstanding and also enjoy the white noise while sleeping that some fans emit.


There are different materials used, and the plastic is the most common. This might look cheap, but are practical. The best thing about plastic is that it will not rust. Stainless steel is still going to corrupt, and even the brass is also going to get affected with oxidization, and all these material will need polishing again and again. Metal fans are going to prove more challenging as compared to plastic which can crack. The majority of the fans have aluminium blades. The choice for the material is going to depend upon you because all the materials have their pros and cons.

Best Pedestal Fan in India 2020 Review

Best Pedestal Fan in India

1. Havells V3 Yurbo 450mm Best Black Pedestal Fan

Havells V3 Yurbo 450mm Black Pedestal Fan

Its wonderful performance at low voltage makes this fan a wonderful one. Experience comfort at low voltage is superb. The powerful motor is another amazing feature of the fan.

It provides optimum performance. So, get the superior air delivery even at low voltage. The air delivery is 110CMM. 62db is the noise level, and 50hz is the frequency.

The pedestal fan is offering great speed all day around. This Havells fan is an ideal option for you due to its fantastic performance.

The thermal overload protector aids in the prevention of motor when there is high voltage fluctuation. Thus, it is an amazing feature. Additionally, it provides wonderful protection to the engine from getting damaged.

There are three blades at the height of 1450mm from the ground. 120cm is the blade size. The aerodynamic design of the blades assures optimum air delivery.

In terms of performance, there are three-speed controls. It is guarded by 120 spokes.

The fan is also featuring a stable base. So, you can easily place it on any flat surface without any problem. Get your cooling assistant at any corner of your room and kitchen. Enjoy the cool breeze.

Its 1400 RPM speed will cool down the surroundings in just a matter of time. Even in the hottest days of summer, it will provide effective air delivery. Its ergonomically designed blades will make air reach to every corner of a room.

With this feature, you will get the air all around the room. Enjoy the cool breeze.

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Pros & Cons
  • It has three blades with 450mm head.
  • The speed of the motor is 1400 RPM.
  • It can easily sustain heavy loads too.
  • The fan works wonderfully at low voltage also.
  • It night creates noise.
  • No remote control to control it.

2. Usha Maxx Air Best Pedestal Fan In India with Remote

Usha Maxx Air Pedestal Fan

Usha is not a new name in the industry of fans. This is a trusted brand with a good reputation. The brand has its customer loyalty. For a very long time, Usha Maxx Pedestal fans are known for its excellent performance.

The fan has ABS corrosive prove body. This is an excellent feature to go with. The elegant, along with a stylish look, gives a unique charm to the fan. So, all these make it a perfect piece in your room decor, garden, and balcony.

In one stroke, it can sweep up to 40mm. Its aerodynamic blades aids in providing excellent uniform oscillation. The air distribution is good. Additionally, the fan has a tilting feature. Without any noise, it moves to and fro.

The aerodynamics blades provide better air rotation. Its PP blades are rust-resistant as they do not react with the oxygen. The leaves are designed in such a way that air is distributed to every corner of the room.

The fan has the latest technology of tilting. Its powerful air delivery is due to the copper winding motor. It has a speed of 1280 RPM.

To protect the fan from thermal overloading, it has a fuse. In fact, get control over the fan with the help of remote control. So, get the heat auto protection over the motor.

The motor is designed in such a way to suit the Indian weather conditions. For the purpose of uniform oscillation as well as tilting, there is a unique pivot arrangement.

Get the cooling experience at 55 watts. Noiseless jerk free performance will assure stable oscillation.

The unique oil reservoir assures the long span of the fan. So, it lubricates the fan when it is needed. Hence, you get easy maintenance at a very low cost.

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Pros & Cons
  • It is lightweight.
  • Good design and appearance.
  • The fan works silently without making any noise.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • 100% copper plates
  • It is available at a low price.
  • The fan has moulded plastic blades.

3. iBELL CHROME10 5 Leaf Pedestal fan in India

iBELL CHROME10 Pedestal Fan

If you plan to move into a hostel and have a limited budget, then going with this option is the best one. This fan will influence your decision with its wonderful features at an affordable rate.

The company has already made its name popular in this field. So, getting a five-blade design will surely give you fantastic airflow. In fact, at high speed also, the fan will be stable. So, you will not have issues with high vibrations.

This fan will surely overcome the summer temperatures. Its incredible engine will let the surrounding cool. The amazing fan will keep the house ventilated and cool. This is the most versatile fan in the house, as you can set it anywhere.

Five broad blades will build the wind across the room. It will provide uniform air distribution around the room. iBell is perfectly manufactured for the Indian climate. Hence, the fan can effectively withstand the variation in voltages.

iBell fan’s five edged blades provide excellent airflow. The power consumption is not very much. It is only 55 watts. So, with low power consumption, you can save money on the electricity bill.

The high air throw of the fan will keep the room cool. Powder-coated grills of metal will safeguard against corrosion.

A durable and robust body assures the longer life span of the body.

The oscillation knob helps in air circulation and is present behind the motor. Additionally, there is a timer switch. This will help you in closing automatically. You can set 2 hours as a time for maximum duration.

Most importantly, the fan has a self-lubricating motor. Hence, the life span of the engine increases drastically.

The base has higher stability. Hence, wherever it is kept, the fan has a balance. Conveniently move the fan at any place around the home. Install it any room, whether it is a kitchen, bedroom or balcony.

There is an option of height adjusting too. Thus, adjust the height of the fan as per the need. With the fan, height is not a problem as you can set it as per your choice. Get the tilting knob, speed control switch, and timer switch on it.

It is an ideal choice as this comes with two years warranty.

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Pros & Cons
  • This is an affordable fan.
  • Noiseless operation.
  • It has a 5 blade design.
  • The fan comes with a 2-year warranty.
  • Powder-coated metal grills
  • The time limit of the timer is 2 hours only.

4. Croma Best Pedestal Fan (Black)

Croma CRF0023 55W Pedestal Fan (Black)

The fan from TATA itself signifies its quality. The company is a reputable one and does not doubt its quality. Croma has come up with a better understanding of people and their aspirations. Over time, people have upgraded their choice, so TATA has also made changes in its technology and product.

Get the latest features at an affordable fan. Croma is an energy-efficient pedestal fan. It comes with three energy-efficient speeds. This makes it perfect for every household. So, pick the pace and adjust it as per your convenience.

Its steady base keeps the fan stable even at the highest speed. So, no wobbly pedestal fan.

Just enjoy the cooling around you. Perfect one for every room, whether it is room, kitchen, or office. Refresh yourself with the excellent airflow.

This wonderful pedestal fan has a copper motor. The copper motor is efficient and durable. The engine generates less heat. So, there is no need to cool it. This increases the longevity of the fan.

Either make it long or short as per your choice. The fan has a height adjustment feature. It is wonderful to have this feature. Adjust the height and make it according to your need.

Croma pedestal fan has natural oscillation and will let you adjust its angular direction. Five options are starting from o degree to 120 degrees. There is an interval of 30 degrees.

Its three energy-efficient speed levels make this fan perfect for every place. Simply pick the fan speed and enjoy the refreshing air in hot summers.

Apart from its wonderful features, the fan adds elegance to the room décor. Its simplicity will enhance the beauty of the place.

Moreover, power consumption is also less. It is 55 watts only. So, it is contributing to energy saving. In turn, there would be saving in the electricity bill.

The pedestal fan two years warranty. It is easy to store the fan. Next, washing the fan is also an easy task. So, when you feel that dust is on it, go for it.

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Pros & Cons
  • The fan has a copper motor.
  • It has a feature of adjustable height.
  • two years warranty.
  • Low electricity consumption
  • Three different energy-efficient levels
  • Excellent airflow

    5. V-Guard Gatimaan Best High Speed Pedestal Fan With Timer

    V-Guard Gatimaan High Speed Pedestal Fan With Timer (White and Blue)

    V Guard is one of the most trusted brands in the market. The brand is known for its excellent performance during the summer season. The Gatimaan High-Speed pedestal fan provides high performance. Its speed is 2100 RPM. This is an unmatched performance.

    The operations of this pedestal fan can be preplanned as there is a time feature of 60 minutes. The blades, along with switch panels, are made up of ABS plastic. They have a nice finish touch.

    The base is 45cm, and this wide base provides good stability. So, when a fan operates, the core remains stable even at high speed.

    For optimum power consumption, the motor has silicon steel lamination. The fan has jerk-free oscillations. Overheat overload protection is inbuilt in the engine. It assures the safety of the fan.

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    Pros & Cons
    • 45cm base for good stability.
    • The fan has a durable ABS body.
    • Aerodynamically designed blades.
    • 2100 RPM
    • Sweep 400 mm
    • No Cons

    6. Orient Electric Stand-82 Best 400mm Pedestal Fan

    Orient Electric Stand-82 400mm Pedestal Fan

    Orient Electronics is a well-known brand in the electronic industry. The brand has many different kinds of fans in the market. Among those Orient Electric Stand-82, 400mm Pedestal Fan is an attractive one. It has a sophisticated look. Its elegance adds beauty to your space.

    Get the extra protection with polymer ring and powder coated guard. It ensures the protection of the motor at the time of overloading power.

    Enjoy the telescopic arrangement with a height adjustment system. So, control the height of the fan as per your need. Besides, enjoy the uniform oscillation.

    The piano switchboard feature is an awesome one. It has three-speed controls. Hence, with these controller keys, it becomes easy to operate it.

    90-degree oscillation is a unique feature. It also has a tilt mechanism of adjustable downward and upward. It assures even air distribution across the room.

    400 mm is the sweep. Power consumption is only 55 watts. So, the powerful copper motor contributes to energy saving. Its high speed, even in low voltage, is an attractive feature. Hence, all these features will never allow you to pay high bills for electricity.

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    Pros & Cons
    • Auto thermal protection
    • Copper motor
    • 90-degree oscillation
    • PP blades for even air distribution
    • Auto thermal protection fuse
    • The body is heavy, so it might be a problem in using for outdoor purposes.

    7. American Micronic Pedestal Fan 400mm 100% Copper Motor

    American Micronic- AMI-PFT-55WDx-Imported Pedestal Fan 400mm

    When we are buying any electronic appliance, the priority is the guarantee of the product. The reason is that we always in tension for any of the defects on the item.

    So, buying American Micronic is a great choice as it comes with three years of motor replacement guarantee. This warranty period will keep you safe at all times against any factory defects.

    Apart from this, the fan has wonderful features. Its three-speed motor aids in saving energy. It gives you the option to select the speed as per your convenience.

    The fan does not come up with any complex parts. So, assembling is easy. Moreover, during the operations, the fan does not make any noise. Hence, enjoy the peaceful surroundings. There is a normal oscillation function.

    Blades of the fan are aerodynamically designed. Its sweep is 400 mm. So, these blades are assuring relaxing breeze around you.

    The height mechanism of the fan will allow you to set the height as per the need. It is an essential feature. Height adjustment is really necessary to fulfil your requirement.

    No need to lubricant the fan parts. It has automatic oil reservoir lubrication. So, wear and tear will be less. It increases the longevity of the fan.

    Power consumption is also less. It is 55 watts. Its operating voltage is220-240 volts. Overall, energy consumption is less. Thus, get the savings on the electricity bill.

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    Pros & Cons
    • Easy to assemble
    • The fan has a timer.
    • Less noise.
    • High speed
    • The fan has a sleek design.
    • Speed might be a problem.

    8. ANSIO High Speed Pedestal Fan 100% Copper Motor (High Speed)

    ANSIO High Speed Pedestal Fan with 2 Hour Timer 400 mm

    This brand is an excellent option for quality, ideas, and innovation. In comparison to an ordinary fan, it provides 30% more wind. Its swing is 80 degrees. Switch on and off is available with manual operation. The pedestal fan is available with desired features.

    ANSIO High-Speed Pedestal Fan has three-speed settings. These are low, medium, and high. The highest speed performance is 2300 RPM. A fan can be tilted downwards and onwards. This allows the airflow across the room.

    Fan blades are durable as they are made up of ABS plastic. It needs little assembly. This is a simple process.

    The timer function helps in setting the 2-hour timer. So, there is no need for any efforts. It will switch off after 2 hours automatically.

    Additionally, a height adjustment system assists in setting the height as per the choice. So, adjust it to your comfort zone.

    The motor is of copper. Hence, it contributes to longevity. Along with this, the fan comes with two years guarantee.

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    Pros & Cons
    • Swing function is present.
    • Rotation mode is available.
    • The height adjustment system is there.
    • The timer function is present.
    • Noise level of this fan may disturb you and disturbs the calm ambience.

    9. Bajaj Midea BP2200 400 mm Pedestal Fan

    Bajaj Midea BP2200 400 mm Pedestal Fan

    Bajaj comes up with another ideal option. This one has a copper motor which assures longevity and better performance. The brand is suitable for rooms, offices, and houses.

    The whooping speed of the fan is 2200 RPM.

    This much RPM assures high air thrust as well as air delivery. Its power performance is good as its power consumption is less.

    Hence, its good sweep and economical power consumption are good features. These features make this pedestal fan a good choice. The plastic blades aids in good air delivery.

    All these assure the wrap free performance. There are three-speed settings. It comes with two years guarantee. Besides, there is a thermal overload protector too. So, it will prevent the motor from damage during power fluctuations.

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    Pros & Cons
    • Power consumption is economical.
    • Good airflow with the help of plastic blades.
    • Copper motor assures strong performance and adds a life span.

    10. Luminous SpeedPRIME 400MM Best Pedestal Fan

    Luminous SpeedPRIME 400MM Pedestal Fan

    The premium appearance of the fan is elegant and makes the beauty of the place. It has aerodynamic pp blade. The fan blades offer hi-air throw.

    The motor is strong. It has an awesome feature of thermal overload protection. So, during fluctuations, the engine will not be damaged.

    The pedestal fan has superior aerodynamics.

    The fan comes with a heavy base. This heavy base aids in placing them anywhere. So, during the functioning of the fan, the fan does not vibrate.

    All these features of this pedestal fan make it a perfect choice for your room.

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    Pros & Cons
    • Strong motor
    • Hi-air throw
    • Aerodynamics PP Blade
    • Thermal overload protection
    • Heavy base
    • No Cons

    11. Panasonic F-40XSA-G 400mm Slide Pedestal Fan

    Panasonic F-40XSA-G 400mm Slide Pedestal Fan

    It is a premium pedestal fan from Panasonic. The quality is not an issue with this brand. The brand comes with loyalty. It is a good option if you want a small pedestal fan.

    The company is offering a 5 step height adjustment system too. It will customize the height of the fan as per the setting of the room.

    The fan performs silently. So, noiseless functionality is the unique feature of the fan. You can have calm surroundings. The fan speed has three levels.

    The company is providing a two years warranty.

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    Pros & Cons
    • The fan has a premium look.
    • It is the ideal fan if you want a fan with a short height.
    • This one has a 5- step adjustment height system.
    • Noiseless fan.
    • One can change the speed as there are three levels
    • The height of the fan is low. So, you might not find it useful in a seating area that has height.
    • One cannot control the fan with remote control.


    Using a table fan will give you several benefits. It can be used in many places like the bathroom, kitchen and so on. Cool air from its blades reduces the sweat. Hence, it aids in air circulation. Portability is another advantage of the table fan. One can move it easily from one place to another. Its quirky design and small size is the added benefit of table fans.

    When you want to buy one, go through this list. This list will surely help you in getting the best one as per your need. The list has the best pedestal fans available in the market.

    The pros and cons of each pedestal fan will help you in selecting the one. Choosing a pedestal fan is never an easy task. But the fans present here are a good one. They will be worth your money.

    The features of the pedestal fan must value your money. If you are selecting from these models, then certainly you are making a great decision.