9 Best Non Stick Cookware for Indian Cooking 2021 Reviews

In every Indian household, non-stick cookware has become a common kitchen accessory. Especially for weight-conscious people, these cookwares are essential. This cookware allows them to cook food in a bit of oil. 

These are the same, just like traditional skillets, such as the right balance between handle and the body, uniform heating, and so on. There are four metals used in non-stick cooking items. These are stainless steel, aluminium, iron, and copper. The coatings on stainless steel and aluminium cookware make them different from the regular ones. 

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However, when you have plans to buy such a helpful accessory for your kitchen, you will have several options. Nowadays, the market is filled with these options. It is crowded with such items. Here, we have selected some of the best things for you. These will serve you well. 

Best Non Stick cookware for Indian Cooking 2021 Reviews

Best Non Stick cookware for Indian Cooking

1. AmazonBasics Best Non Stick cookware

9 Best Non Stick Cookware for Indian Cooking 2021 Reviews
Amazon 15-Piece

This brand is offering a non-stick cookware set of 15 pieces. It will include serving spoons, frying pans, casseroles, frying pans, and saucepans. The product is one of the good options to buy. 

Its number of items such as spoons, casserole pans, saucepan of variable sizes, and the frying pan will help you serve veggies, pasta, and soup. Generally, the cookware set does not have slotted serving spoons. But this product has. 

Premium quality aluminium is used in the manufacturing of pans and pots. Its non-stick coating assures uniform heating and simple cleaning. 

Handles will not heat up during cooking. Hence, it is comfortable to touch handles. While cooking, holding the handles is easy. Apart from this, the vented glass lids of casserole pans and saucepans help prevent escaping steam.

The spiral bottom of the products assures uniform heating. Moreover, the product is quite comfortable to use with gas and glass stovetops. Indeed, one year warranty is offered on any manufacturing defects. 

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  • Presence of stay-cool handles.
  • Uniform heating.
  • Food does not adhere to the bottom while cooking
  • Aluminum body
  • Slotted serving spoons.
  • This does not work on inductions.
  • Do not use dishwashers to clean them.

2. Prestige Non-Stick Kitchen Set

9 Best Non Stick Cookware for Indian Cooking 2021 Reviews
Omega Select Plus 3-Pieces

Prestige is a reputable brand in the Indian market. The company has built its reputation in the market. People always trust the brand in terms of quality. Most of the cookware has the issue of scratch and abrasion after use. But this product is scratch and abrasion-resistant technology. 

The set includes three pieces. These are Fry Pan – 250mm, Omni Tawa – 250 mm, and Flat Based Kadai 250mm. All these three serve different purposes. Omni Tawa us for cooking dosas, parathas and so on. Use the flat base Kadai for cooking delicious dishes like kadhai paneer. Make cutlets, French fries in a frying pan. 

This property allows you to use the cookware for a more extended time. These are metal spoon-friendly. So, no more fear of getting scratches due to the use of a metal spoon. Feel free to cook your meal without any worries—no compulsion of using a wooden spoon while cooking.

Its beautiful features have made this product popular among users. Use of aluminium in the manufacturing of cookware makes the product durable and robust. It also allows the product to be in good condition for a longer span of time. 

It always aids in residue-free cooking. The design of the cookware favours cooking over the gas stove. It assures fast food with less oil. Non-stick cooking offers you the experience of uniform heating on the meal. 

Coating of Teflon assures cookware remains long-lasting as well as healthy. It never favours residue collection. 

It has a 1-year warranty too. 

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  • The product has anti-scratch and abrasion technology.
  • The coating will no peel off.
  • No compulsion of using a wooden spoon.
  • Teflon coating favours residue-free cooking.
  • Handles are of Bakelite, so these can withhold heat while cooking.
  • This product is not microwaved safely.

3. Familia Nonstick Aluminium Cookware Set

9 Best Non Stick Cookware for Indian Cooking 2021 Reviews
Nonstick Aluminium 3 Pcs

The market is familiar with the reputation and quality products of Familia. The company is serving people with high-quality kitchen products. This is another valuable addition to your kitchen. 

The cookware set includes a frying pan, tawa pan, and a kadai pan. The frying pan has a glass lid over it. All these three are enough for favourite cooking dosas, noodles, and curries. Familia cookware set is perfect for small families and bachelors. Amazingly, it is compatible with the induction cooktop. So, now there is no problem with using this with an induction cooktop. 

Indeed, the non-stick coating does not wash away with multiple washing. It has three layers. So, it does not fade away with numerous washing. The following important feature is its compatibility with metal spoons. This is metal-friendly cookware. Hence, one can use the metal spoon also if a wooden one is not available. 

Stirring the ingredients with a metallic spoon will not tear the non-stick coating. 

Even grabbing the handles while cooking is not a problem anymore. These are made up of Bakelite. The handles remain cool. And these also provide a firm grip to handle. 

No burning of food as the tawa and frying pans get the thickness of 3mm. Thus, these are strong enough to prevent the food from adhering to the base. 

Apart from this, these are acid-proof as well as dishwasher friendly. It will not lead to scratches and chipping off from the coating. 

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  • The cookware set is dishwasher-friendly.
  • Lightweight pans
  • Even distribution of heat due to the aluminium base.
  • Non-stick grading is of high-grade.
  • Easy to maintain cookware set.

    4. SPRINGWAY Induction Base Non-Stick Aluminium Cookware Set

    9 Best Non Stick Cookware for Indian Cooking 2021 Reviews
    Induction Base 4-Pieces

    It is a beautiful cookware set of kadai, fry pan, and dosa tawa. All these are compatible with the induction base. So, nothing can be better than this non-stick cookware set, especially for bachelors. Even for the hostellers, this item is superb to use. So, this is compatible with both LPG stove and induction stove. 

    The set has a tempered glass lid. It has a steam vent over it. This cookware will help in the release of extra steam during the cooking of food. The presence of sturdy Bakelite handles allows using the handles while cooking. The handles remain excellent as the material of Bakelite does not allow them to get warm. 

    The strong heat-resistant handles of Bakelite will make cooking a joyful experience for you. The spiral bottom of the product assures the spreading of heat evenly all over the outcome. This helps in cooking the food quickly. 

    For high-efficiency usage, a high aluminium gauge used in it. Three layers of coating aids in the durability of the product. The coating does not chip off. So, after multiple washing, still, your cookware set has a non-stick coating. Enjoy healthy food cooked in less oil. You can use this product for cooking varieties of food. 

    In fact, after use, the product is leaving any residue. The product has residue-free technology. Hence, it is easy to clean as well as maintain the non-stick cookware set of Spring way. 

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    • You can use this on an induction stovetop.
    • No residue left on the base.
    • Easy to maintain and clean.
    • Heat resistant handles.
    • Excellent quality raw material.

      5. Pigeon Non-Stick Aluminium Cookware Set

      9 Best Non Stick Cookware for Indian Cooking 2021 Reviews
      Induction Base 3 Pcs

      Pigeon has a reputation in the market in terms of high-quality products. These include non-cookware sets, idli maker, coffee jars, toasters, and so on. On having a small family, the cookware set will serve you delicious meals. In fact, on being a bachelor also, the cookware set is sufficient to serve you fantastic food. 

      This cookware set comes in three pieces. All the products of the collection devlop by Italian technology. This assures high durability along with the smoothness of the set. The product is POFA free. So, there will be no health issues with using the product. It is lightweight. Hence, there is no problem in carrying it while cooking. 

      Notably, one can use this cookware set on both induction and gas stove. Using both of them will not affect the quality of the non-stick cookware set. 

      The unique feature of the Pigeon cookware set is five layers of coating. These coatings increase the smoothness. So, the surface is smooth. However, one should avoid using a metal spoon when you cook the food in it. 

      As the product is of aluminium, the food will cook quickly. One glass lid also comes with the pieces of cookware set. 

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      • Five layers of coating
      • The product is sturdy and durable.
      • It is lightweight.
      • The heat is evenly distributed throughout the appliance.
      • Induction safe product.
      • POFA free. So, it is not dangerous for health.
      • You can use only wooden spoons. No metal spoons.

      6. Wonderchef Non-Stick Induction Base Cookware Set

      9 Best Non Stick Cookware for Indian Cooking 2021 Reviews
      63153377 Orchid Induction Base 3 Pcs

      Wonderchef is offering the most beautiful POFA free non-stick cookware. As the product is POFA free, it does not have ill effects on health. Healthy meta tuff non-stick coating is suitable for daily use. 

      Touch ergonomic handles are delicate and reasonable. It is ideal to use on a gas oven, hot plate and fired plate. Its pieces are accompanying by an Italian plan. All the items are made up of the aluminium material body. 

      Presence of internal clay non –stick covering of the dish aids in quick food cooking. You will not face any problem. The package includes dosa tawa, fry pan and kadai pan. It also includes a grill pan. An aesthetic marble look will compliment your style. All these items have soft-touch handles as well as knobs. 

      The purple shade of the non-stick cookware gives a beautiful look. It enhances the décor. Overall, it is suitable for cooking. 

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      • Its purple colour is lovely.
      • The product is durable and lightweight.
      • PFOA free cookware set.
      • Aluminium body is sturdy.
      • Handle quality is good.
      • This is a little expensive.

      7. IBELL Premium Non-Stick Ceramic Induction Base

      9 Best Non Stick Cookware for Indian Cooking 2021 Reviews
      Ceramic Induction Base 3 Pcs

      IBELL has the best product in the range of non-stick cookware set. It has an added unique feature to it. It has a non-stick ceramic cookware set. Three-layer high-grade ceramic is present. 

      This design is delivering good results. The product is excellent to cook in less oil. So, for health-conscious people, the product is quite a great thing to own. 

      The package of the product includes flat tawa, Kadai with lid and fry pan. Lid aids in the release of extra heat and steam during cooking. 

      Indeed, cleaning is also an easy task. You can use warm and soapy water to wash the non-stick cookware. Use a sponge to clean the items. Pay attention while cooking, do not scratch the surface of pans and kadhai. It will tear off the non-stick coating. 

      You can use it on both gas and induction stove. So, it is compatible with both kinds of stoves. Next, an important thing is its handle. While cooking, handles are the essential thing. If they get heated, then handling becomes tough. But if they are cool, then you can easily handle the cooking comfortably. 

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      • Utensils are cleaned easily with the help of a sponge.
      • It is an excellent value for money.
      • Look at the cookware set is excellent.
      • It prefers low oil cooking.
      • Do not use the metal spoon.
      • The products have a thin layer of coating.

      8. Tefal Non-Stick Cookware Set

      9 Best Non Stick Cookware for Indian Cooking 2021 Reviews
      Delicia 5 Piece

      Tefal is a brand coming up with a quality non-stick cookware set. It is providing a five-piece group. This includes a spatula, a glass lid, 24cm frypan, 26cm tawa and 24 cm kadhai. The glass lid gives you the opportunity to check the food while cooking. 

      The cookware has a glide interior coating along with the non-stick exterior coating of PTFE. Food does not lose its delicious taste and remains healthy due to its thermo-spot technology. On reaching the optimal temperature of cooking, the spot turns red. 

      For comfortable handling, high handles are present. These are specially designed handle. The body of the pieces has high-quality thick material. It offers extra conductivity. This allows even heat diffusion and helps in effortless cooking. Hence, it supports optimal energy consumption. 

      Importantly, it is compatible with many cooktops. These are ceramic hobs, electric and gas stoves. So, this product makes cooking a versatile one. 

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      • It is compatible with various kinds of gas stoves.
      • Anti-scratch layers are present.
      • It has mineral particle content.
      • Interior and exterior coatings are present.
      • Coating is not much durable

      9. Cello Non Stick Cookware Set

      9 Best Non Stick Cookware for Indian Cooking 2021 Reviews
      Aluminum Prima 3- Pieces

      It is of high quality and pure grade aluminium cookware set. The set contains a kadhai, a frying pan, a dosa tawa and a glass lid. A glass lid is essential as it helps in convenient cooking. One can see through it the cooking meal. The transparent cover will give you control over monitoring the cooked meal. 

      The product has a non-stick coating. It ensures the cooking of food in less oil. So the kit is supporting lower-fat cooking. It is beneficial for health. It is a versatile option as it is compatible with an induction cooktop and a gas stove. So, use it on any option at your convenience. 

      All these compatible makes the cookware set user friendly. Another highlighting feature is the flameproof property. It is 100% fireproof. 

      Handles are an essential part. These are heat resistant. Hence, while cooking, caring for the cookware has become an easy task—no more fear of getting burnt while keeping your hands on handles. 

      The product is stylish. It is straightforward to clean. 

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      • User-friendly product.
      • Easy to clean and maintain.
      • Suitable for LPG and induction stove.
      • Heat resistant handles.
      • Do not use metal spoons; prefer only Wooden ones.

      Factors to look for Buying a Non Stick Cookware Set

      The important thing is to look for important factors. One should always see the type of coating. It matters a lot. As you are investing your money, the product must earn value for it. PTFE coating and Teflon coating are popular ones and durable also. Nowadays, ceramic coating is also gaining popularity. 

      A non-stick product should have at least three layers of the non-stick coating. However, if the product has an extra coating, then it is good. The product must have a smooth surface. More layer assures durability of the product. 

      When the product has a rough surface, it shows a cheap technology is used to apply the non-stick coating. It is not durable at all. 

      The material of cookware is also an important thing to consider. It assures proper heat conduction. Generally, aluminium and stainless steel are the best ones. However, you can also consider cast iron and copper as your options. 


      There are many options of non stick cookware set in the market. Each one counts its best features and benefits. The main advantage is remaining healthy. Some of them get more features than other brands. You need to look for them and compare them.

      Some brands are metal spoon friendly, and some of them are not. Companies are focusing on quick heating. Many brands are offering products compatible with one to two stoves. Some of the products are compatible with all kinds of gas stoves.