3 Best Inverter And Battery Combination For Home In India 2021

Invertors are essential ones when you are in the real troubles of severe power cuts. Without power, things become so difficult to run our daily routines. So, having an inverter at home helps you a lot to fight against difficult situations.

Luminous is a reliable and trustworthy brand when it comes to electrical components. They have reached each end of the country and assures what they promise. We have found the best three products for you to keep your frustrations out. Please have a look at each of them in detail and choose the wise one.

3 Best Inverter And Battery Combination 2021

Best Inverter And Battery Combination

1. Luminous Inverter RC 15000 Best Inverter And Battery Combination

3 Best Inverter And Battery Combination For Home In India 2021

The inverter and battery combo with a trolley from Luminous is a welcoming thing. It suits your big office to smaller shops. It provides you with the best solution for power failures. So, you need not feel frustrated during the power cuts.

This inverter and battery combo do a pretty good job. It is safer and doesn’t let the leakages spoiling your mood. The inverter holds the capacity of up to 12 volts with the maximum bulb load of 756 watts.    

The digital display that comes with the inverter displays all the essential items to you. The 32 bit DSP processor manages the battery with the most optimum usage. The processor optimizes the charge outstanding and maintains stable condition.

The inbuilt MCB takes care of the safety measures. It protects from short circuits and overload protection.

The battery that comes with the inverter gets all the elegance from the premium maker. It has the most advanced tubular plate technology inside. It also occupied the excellent overcharge tolerance. So, the issues will not arise in terms of battery life. 

The inverter is suitable for heavy-duty performances. It has received all the positive feedback from the people. Just go with this elegant product and never feel bad for the power inconvenience.   

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  • Value for money.
  • Has an excellent inbuilt.
  • Solid performance.
  • Long-lasting elegance.
  • Has a healthy battery life.
  • The trolley that comes with the product seems to be less durable.

2. Luminous Zelio RC 18000 Pure Sine Wave Inverter

3 Best Inverter And Battery Combination For Home In India 2021

This inverter, along with the battery, is a nice thing to have a look at. It has rendered a valuable service to Indian households and work areas. The Zelio+ 1100 inverter has all the awesome things to keep your area comfortable. When the electricity failure strikes your work area, you might have frustrated. Now, you have a solution for this. The name is Luminous Zelio+ 1100 pure sine inverter.

The battery that comes with the inverter gives its resilience. It stands out for more hours and charges more quickly. This inverter, too, comes with the 32 bit DSP processor. They come with AC/DC MCB protection.   

With this powerful inverter, you can run LED Tv, bulb, tube light, fan, refrigerator, etc.., Also, the consumption of each of these materials can be more or less. It depends on the power consumption of each material. So, you can use all of your appliances with all of your comforts.

The material promises to run for a long number of years. It comes from a premium manufacturer of the country. So, say bye-bye to the troublesome electricity failures. Get this premium to your home and see how things become so easy to work on.

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  • Has outstanding value for money.
  • One can run all the daily essentials with this premium material.
  • The battery stands out for so long.
  • Longer endurance.
  • No significant things to complain till date.

3. Luminous Zelio 1100 Exide Inverter And Battery Combo

3 Best Inverter And Battery Combination For Home In India 2021

Here comes the last one in the lineup. Luminous has made a small change here. Mostly Luminous comes with the tabular batteries, but here they are going for Exide. Exide also has an outstanding value and offers more outstanding performance. It doesn’t fail to make them accurate. The combo has all the elements to be the best at this rate.  

We have already seen about the Luminous Zelio 1100 in this article. It sounds too good in terms of performance. But what we have to look at here is the Exide battery. Exide is also one of the premium manufacturers in the battery lineup. It offers a wide range of products, and all have a name up to the mark.

The 150AH battery could stand stronger for longer hours and offer more special operation. The reliable performance is trustworthy and has received perfect results to date. So, this combo material is what you need. Keep your power failures out of your home with this luminous Exide combination.

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  • Greater endurance at this cost.
  • It Has given super results.
  • It stands for longer hours.
  • Trustworthy product.
  • No issues found with this product combination to date.


So, we have given our best efforts for you in our words. Now the decision stands in your court. Luminous is a trusted brand for years, and it offers only the best. So, based on the need, choose the best one for your home.