5 Best High Speed Table Fan In India Review

Table fans are the essential ones to possess in the hot summer. Sitting inside the home will look like dwelling in hell. The ceiling fan doesn’t spread its flow of air throughout the room. It makes us feel the unbearable heat like sitting under the scorching sun. The air conditioners are not affordable by the normal middle-classers. So, the rational ones choose the alternative, and it is table fans. The table fan spreads its wings to generate the cool breeze. Hence, humidity is kept under control.

The cool airflow from the table fan reaches out to different corners of the room. It is compact and easy to carry wherever you go. The only thing you need is a power source. The table fan keeps you comfortable if you are working on your laptop or computer. It reduces stress during tough working conditions. Also, it keeps your devices free from heat as it maintains constant airflow in the working table.

The table fans have flexible features, so the airstrike is plenty. It could be adjusted based on your need. The oscillating feature from the fan beats the summer, and it gives plenty of air to each nook of the room. The table fan also finds its use in the wet floors. It would be best if you placed the fan down in the area of damp. It takes away the moisture in seconds and safeguards you from the slippery tiles.

The table fan gives you lots of goodies for your area of living. It gives you quality sleep with its excellent air delivery. The traditional ceiling fan spreads the airflow only under the fan. But, the table fan covers the entire area of the room. So, you need not place your bed under the fan. You could make the fan to put nearer to your bed.

Best High Speed Table Fan In India

Best High Speed Table Fan

1. Luminous SpeedPRO Best Table Fan in India

Luminous SpeedPRO 400MM Table Fan

Luminous table fans are the ones turning out to be the predominant in making the quality fans. The fan they deliver is quite impressive in both the performance and looks. The fan seems to be visually appealing, and it enriches the look of your place. The fan is available in impressive colour options. It adds your room to an extra attraction. The fan is pretty good at handling different areas. It is very compact, and it doesn’t weight more. You could take the fan along with you wherever you move. But, the only thing you need to keep in mind is the power source.

The fan gives you a brilliant performance with its super powerful motor. The strong motor power gives you the high air throw. It keeps your room filled with more air, keeping you more comfortable. The engine does the commendable job, ensuring the premium works of Luminous.

The aerodynamic blades maintain the surroundings filled with a cool breeze. The thermal overload protection ensures the safety of the fan. It protects the fan from the heat due to the seamless operation. It maintains a proper circuit and prevents the fan from the damages.

The fan comes with the three select modes, and the air throw is excellent in each of the methods. You can tilt the body of the fan as per your needs. The flexibility is perfect, and the oscillation facility enhances the reach of the cold air.

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Pros & Cons
  • Compact and easy handling.
  • Commendable operation.
  • Strong motor with huge airflow.
  • Aerodynamic pp blades.
  • Comes with thermal overload protection.
  • Premium finish with excellent performance.
  • Noise level is the only concern.

2. Enamic Black Table Fan for Small Room

Enamic UK Happy Home

The Enamic UK happy home comes in a compact size but offers a complete throw of air. The fan is tiny, and it is easy to transport to different areas of your home. Coming to the design, the lover gives you an impressive look. The copper body with the premium coating makes this black beauty a significant attraction in your room. It is designed with perfection. The tiltable head option lets you make the air come to your head and body.

The fan is designed with high-speed, low voltage technology. It is quite outstanding in reducing energy consumption and making an excellent airflow. The fan delivers a seamless operation for hours with its long-lasting durability. The fan ensures the premium functioning and makes you feel the cool breeze. It never lets you down with its stable air delivery for hours.

The three-speed control option lets you decide the motion as per the need. The heavy close mesh guard in the front never enables you to get hurt. It is near made without allowing the fingers to get inside the frame. The high-speed motor mixed with the copper winding makes the fan to meet all the needs.

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Pros & Cons
  • The 3-speed model with super air delivery.
  • Heavy close safety guard for protection.
  • Stable performance.
  • Delivers high air throw.
  • Light-weighted and easy to carry.
  • Highly value for money.
  • The noise comes during the top mode.

3. Havells Table Fan

Havells Velocity Neo HS 400mm Table Fan

Havells fans don’t need any introduction as it is serving the best in the market. The velocity model from the Havells is another best-rated table fan in the lineup. The fan is quite good at spreading the enormous airflow in all the directions. The circulation is excellent to make the room filled with the air. The fan is lightweight and easy to carry.

The fan gives you efficient air delivery in a smooth manner. It could oscillate its face to 60 degrees left and right. So, if there are more number of persons in a room, it could easily handle the situation. The oscillation is entirely free from jerks while running at the top speed. The thermal overload function makes the fan to extend the life of the motor. It balances the massive voltage failures and protects the fan entirely.

The 2000 RPM powered fan gives you the best air strike ensuring the smooth flow of work. The fan gives you a robust output with its sturdy motor efficiency. The fan offers three modes of air supply, and the switches are designed with perfection. The fan lasts for a long as the name is Havells.

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Pros & Cons
  • Jerk free oscillation.
  • Smooth flow of air throughout the room.
  • Gives you a reliable performance.
  • Easy to carry.
  • Thermal overload protection.
  • The price is high.

4. Rico Rechargeable Table fan for Home

Rico Rechargeable table fan with built in battery

Nowadays, battery fans are making a significant impact on finding the next generation of fans. Rico fans are the premium ones in delivering the best rechargeable fans. One of the critical functions of the fan is that it works on both electricity and battery. The quick charge technology makes the fan to charge within a short period. It is made with Japanese technology and promises to deliver superior functioning.

The fan could match the standard table fan in all the aspects and even more than it. The fan delivers super-quick airflow throughout the room. The fan comes with the two speed settings, high and low. The fan could run for 4 hours in a low-speed mode and 2 hours in high-speed mode. The fan runs even if it is connected to the charging port.

You could quickly shift the fan from one place to another as it comes with a handle attached to the body. You can also tilt the body of the fan as per your convenience in getting the airflow. The fan comes with the charging indicator, which lets you known once the battery is full. The fan is quite useful if you are facing severe power cuts. You could manage to sleep well if the power is gone in the night.

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Pros & Cons
  • Rechargeable option.
  • Comes with the Charging indicator.
  • Multi-angle tilting feature.
  • Powerful air delivery.
  • Runs even if it is charging.
  • The battery stands only for two hours in the high-speed mode.

5. Usha Maxx High Speed Table Fan

Usha Maxx Air 400mm 55-Watt Table Fan

Usha is one of the few brands that sell only the top quality home appliances. The fans under the branding of Usha have a unique name in the market. It promises to deliver the material which the consumer expects. Usha Maxx Air comes under the same category of listing. It gives the value it renders. It is quite exceptional in all the areas, keeping the cooling experience around you.

It gives you a sturdy performance with a massive outflow of air coming from the strong blades. The jerk-free uniform oscillation from the fan makes a great sense to have it around you. The three-speed mode gives the best output. The tilting option, along with the beautiful oscillation, featuring the best.

The copper motor body consumes the significant energy, and it gives you the noiseless operation. The thermal overload protector prevents the fan from heating. It regulates the fluctuation in electricity. In case of overload, the circuit breaks itself and protects the fan from danger. The superior mechanism, along with the exceptional design, makes the fan the best in the market. It is worth to buy.

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Pros & Cons
  • Noiseless performance.
  • Portable and light-weighted.
  • Consumes energy.
  • 4-speed control.
  • Aerodynamically designed blades with massive air throw.
  • Value for money.
  • Built could have been better.

6. Bajaj Esteem 400 mm Table Fan

Bajaj Esteem 400mm Table Fan

When it comes to the fans, Bajaj is the name that is found most often. It has a trustworthy name in the market. It is giving its best in producing the super cool fans standing for an extended period. It is serving high-quality fans over several decades. The fan from Bajaj could meet all the aspects the customer looks into a fan. It is very compact, energy-consuming, highly durable, and much more to add on. It gives all the features at a relatively lower price.

The Esteem 400 from Bajaj offers high performance with the copper motor inside. The fan seamlessly operates in a silent mode without making any disturbance. The high-speed motor with thermal protection makes the fan running stable.

It comes with the three-speed settings and a tilt feature. The oscillation is pretty good in delivering the air around the room. The plastic body makes the fan looking vibrant and less weighted.

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Pros & Cons
  • Silent operation.
  • Compact design.
  • The price is less.
  • Seamless operation.
  • Consumes much energy.
  • Three-speed settings.
  • Delivers the air all around the room.
  • The plastic body seems to be less durable.


Here we came to an end. Owning the right table fan is essential one for each home. These are the options to look before choosing the table fan. Make your budget and choose the perfect one by comparing it as per your need.