7 Best Geyser for Home Use 2021 Expert Review

In every Indian Household, Geysers are becoming an important electrical appliance. The appliance is very helpful when the temperature is low in the season. The low temperature in a season demands a hot bath. For this, one requires a geyser for the supply of hot water. While fulfilling this requirement, the time taken to heat the water, power consumption, and capacity are some important points to look upon.

These points help you a lot in buying the best one. Here a list is there to help you get the best one to serve you with the best purpose. 

Best Geyser for Home Use

7 Best Geyser for Home Use 2021

1. AO Smith Best Geyser for Home Use

AO Smith HSE-VAS-X-015 Storage 15 Litre Vertical Water Heater (Geyser) White 5 Star
Model: HSE-VAS-X-015 Storage 15 Litre

AO Smith HSE Vas model is great on performance and sleekness. Along with its impressive outer appearance, its features are not just only impressive but useful too. The product’s highlighted features are:

  • A sleek and compact design.
  • A long-lasting anode rod.
  • A glass-coated heating element.
  • Blue diamond technology.

It is a classy, efficient, and intelligent water heater. With the latest technology, the water heater is also offering a stunning look to your washroom area. 

Durability is present with the tank. It is made up of strong heavy gauge alloy steel. The Presence of Blue diamond glass lining technology offers corrosion resistance. The corrosion resistance enhances the life span of a steel tank. 

The heating element has a coating of glass that assures uniform heating. It also offers the availability of hot water continuously. Advanced PUF technology dedicates the product to energy efficiency. It assures high-density foam distribution. There is no gap between insulation and tank. This feature gives the greatest energy efficiency. Power saving is the added advantage of the product, along with an attractive design. 

Thermostat aids in setting the temperature of hot water. As the temperature reaches set one, the heating element becomes non-operational. A multi-function safety valve, along with double protection, is present. It has a thermal cut-out. 

A customized, long-lasting anode alloy rod works skillfully in all water types. These protect the heating element from corrosion. The tank is also protected from corrosion. 

Inlet water diffuser is an efficient one. The incoming water jet is dividing into smaller streams. It also distributes the water in horizontal directions. 

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  • Double protection system and presence of multi-function safety valve.
  • Durability of the product is good.
  • Corrosion resistance feature in the tank.
  • BEE 5-star rating in electrical consumption.

    2. Bajaj 15 Litre Geyser

    Bajaj New Shakti Storage 15 Litre Vertical Water Heater, White, 4 Star
    Model: New Shakti Storage

    Bajaj New Shakti Storage is present with variable capacities. This model has a 15 l capacity. The product serves in the best way in the high rise buildings. Nowadays, high-rise buildings are present everywhere. 

    This has increased the demand for geysers. But the condition is their capability to withhold 8 bar pressure. Now, this model plays a role in this scenario. This electrical appliance is ideal for the top floor of apartments.

    Titanium Armour technology is accompanying the geyser. It is a special coating in the inner tank to prevent corrosion as well as rust. Hence, it supports the extended life of the tank. 

    In turn, it assures the durability of the model. Next, the interesting part of this product is its external body. This is made up of single weld sheet metal. It is also rustproof. 

    The main issue with water heaters is their electrical consumption. They take the money out of pocket. But owning this product will let you save money. It is an energy-efficient product. So, fulfill the hot water need without taking stress for electrical bills. 

    Unpleasant accidents are the result of improper and careless use of water heaters. So, it is very important to look for safety features in the geysers. The Bajaj model is housing many safety systems. It is protecting overpressure, overheating, and dry heating. 

    Swirl flow technology and innovative technology assure faster heating. Hence, it is contributing to saving energy. 

    Another important feature is an adjustable thermostat. A metal body that is powder coated has also made its presence. Indeed, for more protection against corrosion, magnesium anode is also present. Another exciting attribute is the temperature indicator dial. 

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    • Perfect for small families.
    • Energy-efficient product.
    • Availability of after-sales service.
    • Multiply safety systems.
    • Presence of titanium armor technology.
    • 20% faster heating of water.
    • 3 pin plugs and pipes are not included in the package. These are to buy separately.

    3. Crompton 5 star rating geyser for Indian Family

    Crompton Arno Neo ASWH-3015 15-litres 5 Star-Rated Storage Water Heater (White)
    Model: Arno Neo ASWH-3015

    Crompton is a well-known brand in the Indian Market. It is a reputable company with quality products. The model of this company is available in the market with variable water capacities.

    The model here is 15L capacity. The most exciting feature is its energy efficiency. Geysers are always taken as synonymous with high electrical consumption. 

    But, here the thing is, it is five stars rated. So, it is helping you with saving money on energy bills. Owning this energy-efficient electrical appliance will let you enjoy the hot bath at a low rate of energy. 

    One can always trust Crompton water heaters. It will fulfill all the hot water requirements. The storage tank can store the water, and one can use it later. These water heaters are excellent with insulation. This keeps the inner water warm for a longer duration of time. 

    The presence of a thermostat is the best feature of the model. It controls the water temperature. Water is not going to heat up above the set level of temperature. It will automatically cut off the power supply. Hence, this is a very good safety measure. 

    Another exciting feature is its water tank. It has the coating of nano polymer. This contributes to better heating efficiency. So, this water heater is a house of interesting features. 

    The list of attractive features does not stop here. Hard water is common Indian household water. Most electrical appliances are not suitable to work with such water. But, this model is compatible work with hard water too. There is no salt film build-up over the heating element. Hence, it is in great demand in areas where hard water is present.

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    • Energy-efficient product.
    • Compatible with hard water.
    • High standards of safety measures.
    • Some customers have an issue with the time taken to heat the water.

    4. Usha 5 Star Storage Water Geyser

    Usha Misty 15 LTR 2000-Watt 5 Star Storage Water Heater (Ivory Cherry Blossom)
    Model: Misty 15 LTR

    Usha is a famous brand name. But it might be new in this category. But the company has always come up with quality products in electrical appliances. It has made its presence in the water heater industry. Its products are known for their utility and safety.

    The inner tank of this product has unique features. These are a sapphire powder coating along with high-quality steel. So, apart from providing durability to the geyser, it is also offering you a corrosion-free geyser. Magnesium anode helps in fighting against corrosion—no scaling up of salty layer on the anode. 

    The inner tank has a single weld line. Hence, the risk of leakage is less. Other than this, there are many other safety features. These will help you stand against the accidents. Get the device protected against excess temperature as well as dry heating. 

    There is also a support of 8 bars of pressure. So, say no to unexpected incidents with this water heater. Thus, it has amazing five safety features: Weatherproofing, pressure optimized capacity, intelliValve, dry heating protection, and temperature sensor. 

    In terms of electricity consumption, the water heater has proved itself. It has a 5-star rating. Hence, it is not putting extra pressure on your pockets. On using it for your hot water requirements, you need not worry about electricity bills. 

    This model of Misty is taking advantage of Whirl Flow technology. Along with this, the heating element is copper. Both of these helps in the quick heating up of water, and no noise is made in the process. It functions silently. 

    The Presence of PUF insulation technology minimizes heat loss. It is a high-grade superior technology. This technology increases energy efficiency. 

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    • It has many safety features.
    • Heat retention capacity is excellent.
    • Quick heating.
    • Presence of anti-scaling magnesium anode.
    • Mediocre customer service.

    5. VGuard 10 Litre Geyser for Home Use

    VGuard Water Heater Sprinhot Plus 10 Litres
    Model: Sprinhot Plus 10 Litres

    It is another wonderful product from VGuard. Its successful story does not need any words and appreciation. It is a BB 5 star rated product. This is an essential thing to own. It decides the electrical consumption.

    A 5-star rating tells the electrical efficiency of the electrical appliance. This assures energy efficiency and will not lay an extra burden on your pocket. 

    Another important thing is rust free outer body along with the inner one. The inner tank is made up of sturdy stainless steel. It is 304-grade stainless steel. 

    Amazingly, it is featuring with the Penta protection system. It means five safety features are available in the model. These include thermal cut-off, fusible plug, and non-returning valve. A robust heating element provides superb performance and durability. 

    The 10L capacity is enough for small families. Overall, this is a sturdy water heater. 

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    • ABS outer body.
    • BEE 5 star rating for energy efficiency.
    • To improve safety, the pressure release valve is present.
    • It has robust safety standards.
    • The model has superior PUF installation.
    • Heating element has no warranty.

    6. Racold Vertical 5 Star Geyser for Home Use

    Racold Eterno Pro 15Litres Vertical 5 Star Water Heater
    Model: Eterno Pro 15Litres Vertical 5 Star Water

    It is a super polymer high-performance geyser. The geyser has amazing polymer protective coating technology in its inner container. It makes the inner container corrosion from the hard water. 

    This model is going to be the best sturdy partner in the morning. Its innovative technology aids in saving power by up to 40%. 

    Get the customize option of bathing with the help of Smart Bath Logic. You can adjust the regulator as per your needs. 

    The heating element is an important constituent of the geysers. Thus, must for the geyser have a durable heating element. For this purpose and improving durability, Racold company is offering specialized Titanium enamelled heating elements. It gives longer life and better protection. 

    There is a special deflector system in the geyser. This system helps in the slow mixing of hot and cold water slowly in the inner container. It ensures water remains hot for a longer period. Hence, frequent restarting is less. 

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    • Saves 40% of the power.
    • It has polymer protective coating technology.
    • Smart Bath Logic.
    • High-pressure resistance.
    • Special anode to protect the appliance from corrosion.

      7. Havells Water Heater for Home in India

      Havells Water Heater Adonia 15 Litre
      Model: Adonia 15 Litre

      Havells is a great brand offering efficient water heaters for the bathrooms. The geyser is ready to give you a refreshing shower every morning. It is ready to fit in any corner of the bathroom. Be ready for the on-demand of hot water in your bathroom.

      Adonia water has a mounting design. Its subtle color blends easily with the bathroom. Its design will complement the bathroom. 

      Adonia model of Havells has a nice glass coated heating element. This offers superb performance. At high temperatures also, it is resistant to carbonization as well as oxidation. As it is resisting corrosion, it supports the long life of heating elements. 

      The presence of a digital temperature indicator makes the operation easy. Whirl flow technology is available with water tubes. The technology does not allow direct contact between hot and cold water. The technique results in optimized energy saving. Save 20% of energy with this electrical appliance. 

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      • Incoloy glass coated heating element.
      • It is resistant to corrosion and carbonization.
      • Presence of digital temperature.
      • Saves electricity consumption.

        15L capacity is sufficient to fulfill the daily hot water requirements of a small family. 

        Additionally, the strength of a geyser is a very important and crucial issue. Ultra-thick super cold-rolled plates made the tank durable. A Feroglass dry powder coating technology is featuring with the tank. Another interesting feature is its magnesium anode rod. It saves the tank from corrosion and rust. 

        Top 10 Geyser for Home Use with Price


        This is the list of the best geyser for home use. A water heater is an important electrical appliance. In the winter season, everyone needs this product. Sometimes, in the rainy season too.

        It is a convenient way to fulfil your hot water requirements, along with taking care of electricity bills. Some may be high priced, and some may be inexpensive ones. But star rating highly affects the pricing of the geysers. 

        Take your time to decide and go through all the available option. All of these must match your needs. The process will help you in taking the best one.