13 Best Ceiling Fans in India with Price 2021 Reviews

In the world of cooling equipment like AC, the ceiling fan still makes its importance. Only a ceiling fan can provide proper air circulation. It is providing optimum air delivery without making a hole in your pocket. To keep the air circulation

Choosing the Best Ceiling Fan is selecting the right size, style, and colour. It is a daunting task to select one from the pool of ceiling fans. Consider your needs first and then make the final decision.

The more number of Blades in a fan will not give more air.

Best Ceiling Fans in India

Best Small Ceiling Fan: Bajaj Maxima 600mm
Best Large Ceiling Fan: Havells Pacer 1200mm
Best BLDC Motor Ceiling Fan: Atomberg Efficio BLDC Motor
Best Wood Ceiling Fan: Lantau Fan with Remote Control
Best Budget Ceiling Fan: Crompton Aura Ceiling Fan

Best Ceiling Fans

1. Bajaj Maxima Best Small Room Ceiling Fan 600mm

Bajaj Maxima 600 mm Ceiling Fan

Bajaj is a famous brand. It is a trusted brand. The brand offers the best ceiling fans. It is known for its stylish ceiling fans. Undoubtedly, it adopts an energy-saving feature. So, it is a perfect choice for offices and homes.

The fan is beautiful with good airflow. It has four blades. High-performance electrical motor supports these four blades. This fan also has high-grade steel lamination. The feature assures low power consumption. It also ensures a longer life span of the fan.

Aluminium grade steel lamination contributes to non-corrosive features. In fact, these blades also make the fan body lighter.

The four blades of the fan cater to the need of a broad sweep area. Even at low voltages, the fan offers high speed. The fan comes with 870 RPM. However, it is small in size but excellent in performance.

Get the noiseless operation with double ball bearing. In fact, the technology also supports longer lifespan. The reason is that it stops the friction among parts.

It consumes less electricity compared to other fans. It is only 66W. Hence, it is quite pocket friendly. Besides, this fan is nature friendly too.

Quickstart is another speciality of the fan. It is possible due to the high torque motor. Moreover, a quick start will help you in feeling heavenly.

Its performance is good at the optimum economic rate.

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Pros & Cons
  • It is a solution in terms of energy efficiency.
  • The fan provides a stiff breeze.
  • Highly durable.
  • Excellent design.
  • Quickstart technology
  • One may require frequent repairing for an excellent performance.

2. Havells 1200mm Best Large Room Ceiling Fan

This Havells Pacer fan is the masterpiece for the room. It will complement the decor of the room and house. This fan is the best fan to offer elegance. The fan will surely increase the aesthetics of the room.

To provide ideal air delivery, the fan comes with a powerful motor. The robust engine assures the increased airflow. Increased airflow is undoubtedly helpful in cooling the surroundings. Wide blades along with the advanced motor ensure even distribution of airflow across the room. So, the entire room will have cooling.

For superior air delivery, the fan has wide blades. These are aerodynamically designed. This design favours the fast distribution of airflow.

In fact, enjoy the smooth operation with double ball bearings. This feature reduces rotational friction. Decreased rotational resistance helps in increasing the fan’s shelf life. Also, favours less noise. All of these features make the fan reliable.

Get the twin canopies with the fan. So, hide the messy electrical wiring. The upper canopy will help you in mounting the fan firmly.

Moreover, its motor is capable of operating on different voltages. Even at a low voltage, the fan will offer optimum performance. There is no fear of damaging the fan motor at the low voltage.

It is an economical choice as it consumes only 75W. Thus, get superior cooling at an affordable price.

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Pros & Cons
  • At a low voltage also, it provides excellent performance.
  • Double ball bearing provides endurance
  • It offers excellent airflow.
  • Body of the fan is durable.
  • The company is not providing its installation.

 3. Havells Pacer  Best Medium Size 900 mm Ceiling Fan

Havells Pacer 900mm 72-Watt Ceiling Fan (Brown)As summer approaches, it’s time to start looking for the best ceiling fan. It will let you experience a cool breeze in hot summers. So, just enjoy the elegance with Havells Pacer 900 mm. Its high airspeed will fill every corner of the room with air.

Its 900 mm size covers 35 sq feet to 65 sq feet. Hence, air delivery is not an issue anymore. Air is evenly distributed across the room.

The fan has three wide blades. This feature assures superior air delivery. The aerodynamic design of more full blades accords the fast air delivery.

Here, it is the ideal option for modern interiors. Get the ultimate elegance. It is the perfect choice. Increase the aesthetics of the room with the fan.

Another excellent feature is double ball bearings. So, there is no noise at all. It supports smooth operation. Hence, the less noisy operation is there. It reduces rotational friction. In also increases the fan’s shelf life.

The fan works excellently at a low voltage. Actually, it can work at different energies—no compromise in performance. Thus, no damage to the fan’s motor. It is a reliable ceiling fan. It consumes 72watts. Accordingly, it consumes less power. As a result, it helps in energy saving.

Hide the electrical wiring with twin canopies. Canopies will make the mounting firm.

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Pros & Cons
  • Superior air delivery
  • Design is elegance
  • Noiseless operation
  • Blades are aerodynamically designed
  • It is energy efficient.
  • The fan has twin canopies.
  • The company does not provide installation.

4. Havells Vogue Plus Best Decorative Ceiling Fan

Havells Vogue Plus 1200mm

The ceiling fan comprises the gorgeous body giving a luxurious appearance. Its eye-catching ring on the motor is a remarkable feature.

This decorative fan is a perfect combination of high performance and design. It will leave a great impression every time you use it.

The decorative accessory is essential to enhance the beauty of interiors. The streamlined body of Havells is beautiful. The aluminium designed body with silver-blue colour looks exotic.

The fan will surely match the décor of the home and office.

The powerful motor of the ceiling fan helps in noiseless operation. So, get a sound sleep without any disturbance. The motor rotates at a different speed. Thus, it ensures fresh air at every corner of the room.

This is an ideal fan for your space with excellent durability. The presence of double ball bearings adds life to the fan.

The three blades offer excellent air delivery across the room. The air reaches every corner equally. Blade holders also add beauty to the fan. They serve their purpose very well.

Get control over the electricity bill, as the power consumption is less. Hence, enjoy the energy-efficient fan. Accordingly, it works on low voltage. Thus, high performance is not an issue with this ceiling fan. Even in fluctuations, the fan delivers good air.

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Pros & Cons
  • Aluminum streamlined body.
  • Works at low voltage.
  • Energy-efficient ceiling fan.
  • Good air delivery.
  • Noiseless operation
  • The ceiling fan has a beautiful design.
  • The brand does not provide installation.

5. Atomberg Efficio Best BLDC Motor Ceiling Fan with Remote

Atomberg Efficio 1200 mm BLDC Motor with Remote 3 Blade Ceiling Fan

Atomberg Efficio 1200 mm ceiling fan is known for its power consumption. The fan works excellently with very low power consumption. It just consumes only 28 W. It is fantastic to know this much power consumption. Get a tremendous saving on the electricity bills. You can easily save RS 1500 yearly.

All these energy efficiencies are due to BLDC motor. High airspeed is also not a problem. At this power consumption also, the fan offers the most top speed. This motor ensures longer backups inverters.

In addition, also assures improved reliability and noise reduction. It also guarantees a longer lifespan of the fan.

The fan has inverter stabilization technology. Hence, it works with the same consistency at a different voltage. The voltage range can be 140-280V.

Get the smart technology at your ceiling. Smart remote has many wonderful features. It has features like Sleep, Timer Mode, Boost, Speed Control and so on. Thus, there is no need for a regulator. Change the speed of the fan by Switch on and off.

The boost mode offers high-speed performance. Sleep mode helps in decreasing the fan speed after every two hours. The remote operates correctly from a distance of 20 ft.

Blades are of aluminium alloy, and it makes the blade rust free. The fan can run for a longer time in comparison to the fan running on inverter battery.

As per the need, use it in house, large rooms and dining rooms. For its innovative technology, this one got the awards from the Government of India, the United Nations, and WWF.

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Pros & Cons
  • This fan has superb BDLC technology.
  • It is an energy-efficient fan.
  • This ceiling fan works at a very low voltage.
  • Simple and elegant design.
  • Smart remote control.
  • This design is basic.

6. Crompton Aura 48-inch High-Speed Decorative Ceiling Fan

Crompton Aura 48-inch High-Speed Decorative Ceiling Fan (Ivory)The fan is extremely beautiful with contemporary design. It just accolades the decor of a room. Its design and components add life to this fan.

The 2-piece construction and anti-rust aluminium blades are fantastic features. Aluminium is preventing the fan from corrosion and rust. Besides, it also provides durability and strength. The two-piece construction makes sure about the silent operation.

There is 100% copper winding. Not only this, but the double ball bearing is also marking its presence. This adds several years to the life of the fan.

The appealing design with contemporary highlights will have a great impression on the mind. Embrace the room’s ambience with a unique style.

Blades are dynamically balanced. These provide superb air delivery of 230 CMM. The speed is 380RPM. The broad sweep will assure the air delivery at every corner.

Its design help in saving energy. Hence, this energy-efficient model will give you a saving on the electricity bill.

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Pros & Cons
  • Metallic finish
  • Good air circulation
  • Sleek Design
  • Less electricity consumption
  • Presence of double ball bearings
  • The company does not provide installation.

7. Havells Yorker 1320mm Ceiling Fan

Havells Yorker 1320mm Ceiling Fan (Antique Brass)The unique feature of Havells Yoker is its electro-phoretic lacquered surface. This surface offers the property of anti-rusting to the fan. Hence, there will be no damage to the fan due to rust.

Fan sweep is 1320 millimetres. So, the fan assures impressive air delivery along with circulation. The fan is always indulging in offering a refreshing breeze. The powerful motor of the fan has ergonomically designed blades. This motor makes sure that the air circulation reaches to every part of the room.

With twin canopies, you can hide the messy electrical wirings without any issue. The upper canopy will help you in mounting the fan firmly. Thus, mounting will not be a problem for you.

The minimalistic appeal is ideal for the interiors. However, the fan goes perfectly with the interiors of the house as well as the office. Its elegant design will blend with interiors of any room perfectly.

The motor of the fan is quite efficient. It helps in noiseless operation. This motor also contributes to increasing the airflow across the room. Hence, cooling is there.

Wide blades of the fan ensure equal distribution of the air. Optimum air circulation is also due to the broader blades. Double ball bearings offer sturdiness. It contributes to increasing the life span.

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Pros & Cons
  • Electro-phoretic lacquered surface.
  • Elegant design
  • Four more full blades for optimum air circulation
  • Twin canopies
  • It has double ball bearings.
  • The fan has a streamlined body.
  • The brand does not provide any installation.

8. FARO ITACA Steel Best Ceiling Fan with DC motor

FARO ITACA Steel Ceiling Fan with DC motor and Remote, 1320 mmIt is a modern ceiling fan and is known for providing good air circulation. Ventilation is not a matter with this fan.

The motor is built in steel. Besides, natural wooden blades add beauty to the ceiling. Blades have rustic pine finish.

The fan has a DC motor. Moreover, you can adjust the speed by sitting at your seat only. There is no need to leave your place. Just pick the remote control and operate the fan. Adjust the speed as per your convenience.

There are six adjustable speeds. The speed works with varying voltage like 3V, 5V, 13V, 21V, and 32V. Hence, the fan is adapted to work at various voltages.

You can use this fan in winter also. It comes with reverse function. So, improve the efficiency of the heating system. In terms of design, the fan is fantastic. The elegant design of the fan impresses the mind.

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Pros & Cons
  • The fan is stylish
  • You can use it in the winter season with its reverse technology.
  • It has adjustable speed with varying voltages.
  • The fan has a DC motor.
  • It is costly

9. PetalAir 600mm 4 Blade Ceiling Fan (Ivory)

PetalAir 600mm 4 Blade Ceiling Fan (Ivory)The fan is known for its unique and elegant design. The blades of the fan are petal-like. The fan enhances the charm of the room. It is unique to own such fans with petal-like blades. The fan is itself a charming piece.

The fan accompanies with speed motor. The motor offers excellent performance. This high-speed motor is known for more air thrust.

Moreover, the petal-shaped blades are not only stylish looks. But they are also providing excellent air delivery. Hence, the air will reach every corner of the room. With this fan, air delivery is not an issue. Get the optimum air circulation in the place. The fan speed is 820 RPM. Thus, air delivery excellent.

Blades are made up of aluminum. So, it is rust-resistant. This feature increases the life span of the fan.

There are complimenting embellishments on canopies, blades, and motor. Apart from Ivory, the fan also comes in white and brown colour. All colours look fabulous. The ceiling will look amazing. You will get the applause for this one.

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Pros & Cons
  • Stylish design
  • Petal like blades.
  • Good air delivery.
  • Rust resistant.
  • Durable fan.
  • This brand does not provide installation.

10. Havells Speedster Best 750mm 4 Blade Ceiling Fan (Brown)

Havells Speedster 750mm Ceiling Fan (Brown)The speedster range of fans is a perfect combination of sleek appearance with excellent performance. The wide blades achieve optimum air circulation. The efficient air circulation will help you in cooling in hot summer days.

It comes in many shades. So, you can match it with your décor. Its elegant paint finish will mesmerize you.

The impressive air delivery cools the room. Air delivery is proportional to the sweep. Blades are aerodynamically designed. These are 750m wide. The wide blades help in enhancing the faster airflow.

You will find it suitable for compact spaces. It is ideal for cabins and rooms. Its modern design just blends with décor of the place.

The fan comes with painted twin canopies. So, hiding the messy wiring becomes an easy task. The canopies are elegant in design. Also, these offer classy appeal to the fan.

The fan has an efficient motor. The efficiency is in quick rotation and speed. The engine helps in even distribution of air across the room. It just rotates smoothly. Also, when there are fluctuations, the motor is fully functional. The speed is 800 RPM.

So, the low voltage will not interrupt the functioning of the fan. The fan performs excellently in the low voltage also. Thus, the performance of the fan is excellent in every situation. Get flawless functioning in low voltage supply too.

This ceiling fan has a compact design with an attractive finish. The paint finish keeps the fan components rust and corrosion-free. Hence the fan is rust-resistant.

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Pros & Cons
  • Elegant design
  • The fan performs excellently in low voltage.
  • Optimum air circulation
  • Rust free components of fan.
  • High speed
  • This brand does not provide installation.

11. Havells Leganza 1200mm Ceiling Fan (Bronze and Gold)

Havells Leganza 1200mm Ceiling Fan (Bronze and Gold)The aesthetic design of the fan makes it perfect for the home as well as office space. This decorative ceiling fan has exotic trims on its blades. Flaunts in the body provides a modern look. It is featured with versatile design. Designing a feature of the fan makes the fan blend at any space’s décor.

The most important task for a fan is excellent air delivery. The fan performs exceptionally in the terns of air delivery. The ceiling fan has 230 CMM. Its HPLV motor enables the fan to work at low voltage. It also covers the big sweep area.

It assures even distribution of air across the room. The sweep size is 1200 MM. So, the cooling never stops as long as you are present in a room. The fan is a perfect choice for room with area 65 sq ft- 100 sq feet.

Shapes of the blades are innovative and unique. These are aerodynamically designed. The size is 48 inches. This size of the blade reduces the buffeting. Buffeting is the issue caused by blades. So, it increases the level of comfort and gets the cold air.

Its dual-tone colour scheme makes it different from others. Its unique combination adds beauty to the décor. This provides aesthetic looks to the place.

Exotic blade trims will surely impress you. Its trim just mesmerizes you even when the fan is stationary. Get excited by the beauty of the fan when it is rotating. So, blade trims make the fan a decorative piece.

Its smooth airflow is a beautiful feature. Even air circulation and smooth airflow are attractive features of this fan.

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Pros & Cons
  • The fan has a beautiful design and looks.
  • It offers excellent air delivery.
  • The fan has a dual-tone colour scheme.
  • Smooth airflow.
  • The brand does not provide installation.

12. LEDS C4 Best 5 Blade Ceiling Fan

LEDS C4 1320 mm Phuket 5 Blade Ceiling Fan (Copper Brown)The fan has an exceptional feature. This one is functional is winter as well as in summer. It is excellent to use the fan in both seasons with its advanced technology.

The fan offers good air circulation with its five blades. There is a pull cord also to control the speed of air. The presence of a pull cord makes the fan unique.

The design of the fan is straightforward and elegant. Simplicity will match with the interiors of the room.

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Pros & Cons
  • It has a unique design.
  • The fan has a pull cord to control its speed.
  • It is expensive

13. 1320 mm Lantau Fan with Remote Control (Best Wood)

1320 mm Lantau Fan with Remote ControlThe fan has an elegant wooden finish look. This feature makes the fan look stylish. The fan has three blades. These blades are providing optimum air circulation. The fan is featured with summer reverse technology. So, the fan is also useful in the winter season.

Remote control of the fan will help you in controlling its function. Get all the functioning done by sitting at your seat only. Change the fan speed at your place only.

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Pros & Cons
  • The fan is stylish.
  • It has summer reverse technology.
  • It has remote control technology.
  • The fan is expensive.

How to Select your Best Ceiling Fan?

A ceiling fan circulates the air in the room. Along with this, it also offers style to the home decor.

It is a little bit daunting to select the perfect ceiling fans. The market has many options with lots of variables. So, getting the right one for you is a tricky decision. Even a little information is essential while buying a one.

As many variables are available in the market, there is confusion in choosing the best one. Picking the right one is not an easy task. Getting an expert device will help you a lot in selecting the one that matches with your needs.

Thus, here is a guide for selecting it. This guide will throw a light on picking the right one. Going through it will help you in simplifying the complex decision of choosing the perfect one.

Size of ceiling fan

You must decide the size of the ceiling fan. The size must match the size of the room. The room’s size determines the size of it. Before finalizing the fan, keep in mind to measure the room.

Measure the size of a room. A too big and too small fan will give you problems. The wrong size will not provide proper air circulation. Hence, you will sweat. Besides, you will compromise the comfortable level.

Check the size of a ceiling fan. Record the blade sweep’s diameter. Measure the length from one tip of the blade to another.

If the fan has an odd number of blades, measure from the centre to the end of one blade.

According to the size of the room, get the ceiling fan. In a large room, you can fit two fans.

Height of Fan

The optimum height of the fan from the floor is around 7 feet. However, 8-9 feet is also good. These heights ensure optimum circulation of air.

For the higher ceiling, use down rods with the fan. It will help in achieving the right height. More the space between blades and ceiling, better the air circulation. You can aim for 12 inches.

Ceilings with 8 feet height must have a ceiling fan accordingly.

Pay close attention to ceiling height. Ceiling height decides the mounting option.

Downrod Mount: Ceiling height more than 8 feet require this one.

Flush Mount: For low ceilings, it is an ideal choice.

Control Options

Do you want to operate a ceiling from your place only? Think about this. Earlier ones do not have this option. One has to stand up and reach to the regulator. This method was the only way to control the fan speed. It is old fashioned.

Now, there is no need to get up from the seat. Just sit at your place. Change the speed with remote control. Smart fans are available. It enables convenience as per your need. It just gives you satisfaction to operate from your place only. So, effortlessly operate the fan speed.

Number of Blades

More the number of blades give more air circulation. It is not right. The number of blades contributes more to the design part. It has limited functionality with air circulation. There is little difference in the functionality of 3, 4, or 5 bladed fans.

In this way, you can choose as per the style. Choose as per your preference.

The number of blades is not affecting the performance. But it influences the cost of a ceiling fan. Always remember, more blades will go for a high price.

Blade Material

The blade can be of wood, plastic, or any metal. It does not make any difference. As a result, feel free to choose any. Pick the one that compliments room décor and style.

You will not get a corrosion problem with a high finish fan. In addition, there is no issue of fading and blistering. Suitable quality plastic ensures durability.


It is one of the critical features of a ceiling fan. Thus, it is essential to look for the quality of this one. Over time, the low-quality one will give you problems. It will inevitably affect the air circulation in the room. It will also produce sound. Generating heat is also an important issue.

DC motors in a fan industry are the new addition. It is powerful. DC motors also help in energy saving. In comparison to traditional engines, these are more efficient. Small in size contributes to the lightweight of a ceiling fan. It is also virtually soundless.

Star Ratings

Go with the star ratings, to find the energy savers. Higher the star rating is the more the device is an energy saver.

Sloped ceiling

You can also have a ceiling fan for the sloped ceiling. Canopies of a fan can easily be fixed on a slope. The sloped can be of maximum 30 degrees. You will require the angled mounting. In case you need downrod, use it. It will assure the blade clearance away from a ceiling.

Built-in Lights

Modern styles are coming up with built-in lights. Get comfortable with overhead illumination. This feature also adds style to your taste. Many ceiling fans come up with dimmers also. Thus, there is an option to adjust the light intensity.

If you have good natural light, then go for without a light kit.

Putting a ceiling to outdoors

To put a fan in verandahs, choose a wet or damp location approved. One can use outdoor ceiling fans inside. But it is not applicable on inside ceiling fans. These should be put just above the setting of outdoor dining.

Ceiling Fan Styles

You will find the blades in many finishes. It includes black, oak, and more. As a result, match the finish with room décor.

A contemporary style fan with a metallic finish is a good option. Tropical inspired fans with rattan and bamboo blades go perfect for beach houses.

Classic white one goes well with cottage style. The dark wood finish is an excellent choice for traditional homes. Match the design of the ceiling fan with your style.


Which Ceiling Fan is best?

We can’t point out one single ceiling fan is best Because your need is different. A fan which works very well in a small room will not be efficient for a large room. In this post, we listed the best ceiling fan in all types like small, large big, wood, smart with remote, and more. You can choose one from them.

Which is the best ceiling fan in India?

Bajaj Maxima 600 mm in small room section and Orient Electric Apex-FX 1200 mm in Large room section is the best selling ceiling fan in India.

Which is the best expensive ceiling fan in India?

Faro Chrome Ceiling Fan with remote and DC motor is one of the best expensive fans in India.


Picking the right one will never be a daunting task. You should get some points in your mind before finalizing the one. All these points are mentioned above. A fan is a summer appliance. Ceiling fans keep the air circulating in the room.

Thus, it has its own importance in keeping the surroundings cool. So, whether you are buying a new one or replacing the one, consider the style, size of the room, and budget. You must ensure proper installation.