8 Best Auto Ignition Gas Stove In India Reviews 2021

Cooking is an essential element in every household. So, owning great cooking equipment is a necessity. Preparing something tasty and delicious should be enjoyable. Gas stoves are a necessary part of cooking.

Nowadays, the auto-ignition gas stove is trending in the market. Even every household wants a perfect solution to lighting the stove. So, the auto ignition gas stove will make you free from wasting the gas in lighting the gas stove.

Best Auto Ignition Gas Stove India

In fact, the use of these also aids in removing the need for matches too. Apart from this, these stoves are relatively safe to use. There is no need to put the hands near flames to light it.

When you have plans to buy it, you will be in the pool of auto ignition gas stove brands. So, to reduce your burden, we have come up with some top models.

Best Auto Ignition Gas Stove In India

SuryaJwala Best Auto Ignition Gas Stove In India

Suryajwala Auto Ignition Royal Gt02 Cast Iron Png Compatible 2 Burner Gas Stove, Black
(LPG Only)

Surayjwala is the company of India only. This is a well-known name in the gas stoves, chimney products, and inductions. The company has excellent sales in the market.

The GT02 series has an excellent battery-less auto-ignition feature. So, no need for a matchstick. Additionally, no need for lighters too.

Heavy-duty cast iron burners are giving efficient flames. Hence, cooking is faster. The toughened glass top offers durability. More, it provides a beautiful design to the gas stove. It is heat resistant also. So, while using the gas stove, no fear of touching it.

It’s ergonomically designed gripped knobs are smooth. The compact design of the stove also complements your kitchen.

The auto-ignition gas stove is favoring stability when it is in use. This is a fantastic feature.

In terms of space, it is providing enough space to accommodate large utensils. Itself, it is not using much space on the kitchen slab.

The 360-degree rotating nozzle is present. So, there is an easy inlet connection. Additionally, there is a specially designed anti-slip leg base. Thus, while using it, there is a problem of slippery.

However, one can use this with the PNG pipeline only. It is not suitable for the LPG cylinder.

Pros & Cons
  • Compact in size.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Easy-grip knobs.
  • It has an ABS anti-slip base to provide the best stability.
  • User-friendly stove to operate.
  • The design of the burner supports efficient cooking.
  • It is suitable for LPG.

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Sun Flash Galaxy BLK 3 Burner Gas Stove Best 2019

Sun Flash Galaxy BLK Euro Coated Body Auto- Ignition Automatic Gas Stove

It is high quality and featuring with auto-ignition valve—the gas stove with advanced technology. The advanced technology in the kitchen is a vital feature to own.

Massive pan support is making cooking reliable and safe. The multi-directional nozzle is connecting the gas tube.

Knobs are ergonomically designed. The gas stove has a spill drip tray. This is removable. It is made up of stainless steel. The spill drip tray is of a high-quality aluminum mixing tube.

Burners are made up of durable brass. Brass burners are highly efficient. Burners are of tri pin size. There are two large burners and one small burner. The small burner is in the middle of two large burners. These various burners are serving the cooking needs efficiently.

Efficient cooking with smooth functioning knobs is a good thing. Moreover, it has extendable legs. These legs help in easy lifting. Easy cleaning also becomes possible with these extendable legs. Moving the stove also becomes easy while cooking the food.

Pros & Cons
  • Anti-skid feet are there to prevent slipperily.
  • Brass burners are tri-pin.
  • Heavy pan supports.
  • Ergonomically designed knobs.
  • Three burners are present.
  • Stainless Steel Spill Tray Removable drip tray
  • NA

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Hindware Automatic Gas Stove 3 Burner

Hindware Armo 3B AI - 3 Brass Burner Auto Ignition Gas Stove

A gas stove is an essential appliance in the kitchen. This must be efficient in the performance. Safety is the next primary concern with the gas stove. One must have convenient cooking of meals.

The classic black finish is blending perfectly with the kitchen design. Cleaning the stove is also an easy task. The sturdy body helps inefficient cooking. It has infused powder coating technology on its body.

The presence of three gas stoves makes the cooking hassle-free. Convenient cooking with two large and one small burner is essential. Getting three kinds of dishes at the same time saves lots of time. It also helps in saving energy.

Ergonomically designed bakelite knob is a unique feature of this gas stove. The auto-ignition feature is the next outstanding characteristic.

The glass top is heat resistant. So, while cooking, it will not be too hot. Moreover, keeping the hot items next to the stove will not let the glass crack.

Pros & Cons
  • High-quality burners made up of brass.
  • Bakelite knobs
  • Sturdy body.
  • High durable glass
  • Scratch-resistant glass
  • Presence of stainless steel drip tray.
  • NA

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Elica Hob 3 Burner Auto Ignition Glass Top

Elica Hob 3 Burner Auto Ignition Glass Top - 1 Double Ring Brass Burner

This Italian brand, Elica, is a renowned name. It was established in 1970. Within this period, the company has made its name in manufacturing gas stoves and kitchen equipment.

The product is ruling the market due to its exciting features. Sleek black look is giving a beautiful appearance. Its look is not compromising the durability of the gas stove. This is offering money to value. The metallic black body will complement the kitchen décor.

It is featuring three stoves. All these stoves have brass burners. The stoves have a manual ignition method. These burners are providing the distributed flame. In terms of size, two are large, and one middle one is small. Large burners are quite suitable for accommodating the utensils of standard size.

The middle burner is different from burners on the side. It is suitable for small vessels.

The gas stove has a euro care grip. This supports a durable finish, along with good performance. These are designed to keep the pans and pots in place. No more shaking of utensils on the stove because of euro care grip.

Knobs are also ergonomically designed. This ensures a smooth operating while cooking. The glass top also sits well. So, while cooking, it will not shake at any cost. Have safe and happy cooking.

Quality is not compromised at any level. Brass burners are of high quality. So, it assures better heat retention along with longevity. You no need to have a tension of corrosive burners. These are resistant to corrosion. The brass stoves are regular to wear and tear.

The anti-rust body has a black body along with a toughened glass. Underneath the glass, a stainless steel support plate is present. This plate aids the sturdiness as well as support.

Pros & Cons
  • The auto-ignition has an elegant look.
  • The flame of the stove is evenly distributed.
  • It is easy to clean.
  • Ensures safety while cooking.
  • This gas stove cannot accommodate large three utensils at a time.

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iBELL 4 Burner Glass Top Gas Stove with Auto Ignition 4SQUARE HOB

iBELL 4SQUARE HOB 4 Burner Glass Top Gas Stove with Auto Ignition

I Bell is performing wonderfully to give a modern and classy look to Indian ignition gas stoves. It has enhanced design. This product has high-quality knobs. More importantly, these are placed on top of the stove. So, these are adding space.

The toughened glass top adds safety to cooking. It also enhances the look of the ignition gas stove. It is 7mm thick. Working in a kitchen with modern technology is so much fun.

The gas stove is user friendly. Its auto-ignition feature reduces the total steps needed to cook. The use of the product is self-explanatory. No hard directions are required in order to operate. Just move the knobs slightly to see the action.

For large families, it is a wonderful one. This has four stoves. So, you can prepare different kinds of meals at a time only. The cooking of varieties of a meal at the same time is hassle-free. It also saves time. This is the most lovely benefit of using this stove. Get the types prepared in a matter of time.

Anti-skid rubber feet are helping with stability. Stability is necessary while cooking as it is dangerous to cook when the stove is not standing stable.

A high-quality metal hose connector is present. The body is made up of stainless steel.

Pros & Cons
  • Excellent quality of burners.
  • It is featuring with auto-ignition. It operates very quickly.
  • A toughened glass top is there.
  • The modern look is present.
  • Brass burners are available with this.
  • The gas stove comes with unique pan support.
  • It is little expensive model.

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Glen 4 Burner Auto Ignition Gas Stove Stainless steelGLEN GL1043 Auto Ignition 4 Burner Kitchen Glass Gas Stove with Stainless steel drip tray

Glen 4 burner gas stove makes cooking convenient. Its auto-ignition feature makes the cooking fun. Auto-ignition is a critical feature nowadays. It assures safety. So, shifting to the auto-ignition feature is a fantastic thing to own.

The next important feature is a toughened glass top. It is a modern feature. Everyone wants trendy and stylish appliances in the kitchen. It complements the kitchen’s design. Cleaning this one is also an easy task.

The toughened glass comes up with many beautiful properties. It is heat resistant. The degree of toughness is also good. This is providing safety features. So, own this one will be the safest option in the kitchen. In comparison to ordinary glass, it is more robust.

The tempered glass gets cooled rapidly. So, using it is always safe at all. The gas stove has 4 mm thick pan supports. Hence, the stoves are suitable for accommodating the big pans and pots.

It is shatterproof. Thus, there is no fear of cracking. It adds a modern style to the kitchen.

The presence of aluminum alloy burners supports durability. These have a 5-year warranty also. It is the most exciting feature. Getting durability, along with the guarantee, is the icing on a cake. These also assure steady flame while cooking.

With this, knobs are soft as well as smooth operating. Using knobs and turning them is quite a smooth thing to do.

A stainless steel drip tray is present in it. The presence of this tray makes the cleaning of the gas stove easy. So, cleaning is no more a headache.

Pros & Cons
  • The stainless steel drip tray is available.
  • Four burners, along with auto-ignition, are present.
  • Glass top surface is shatterproof.
  • NA

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Prestige 3 Burner Gas Stove Auto Ignition

Prestige Royale Plus Schott Glass 3 Burner Gas Stove, Auto Ignition

Adding elegance to the kitchen with the Prestige Royale Plus Schott Glass 3 Burner Gas Stove is something incredible. Enjoy the convenience of a modern gas stove in the kitchen.

Add the European touch to your kitchen with this Prestige gas stove.

Smooth operation and top-class quality are assured through Sabaf Valves. These valves are imported from Italy. The valves are of high-precision value.

When the budget is not coming your way, this auto gnition Gas Stove is the best one. A high-quality glass, along with German technology, has its superior standards.

The Schott glass is presenting the aesthetic looks. The looks will enhance the style of the kitchen. This certifies durability, along with elegance. High manufacturing standards make sure lifelong elegance.

Tri-pin burners are present. So, there is uniform heating. With uniform heating, cooking is efficient. It also accomplishes all Indian cooking needs.

Ergonomic knob design assures the safe usage of the stoves. It also guarantees flame control. Safety is the priority while cooking. The autoignition feature of the knobs adds convenience to the cooking as well as safety.

The gas stove has jumbo burners. This assures efficient and fast cooking. An additional drip tray is available. So, the cleaning of gas stoves is relatively easy.

The gas stove is featuring individual pan support. It gives steadiness and durability to pans and pots placed over the stove.

Pros & Cons
  • Tri-pin burners are present in the gas stove.
  • Ergonomic design.
  • Jumbo burners are there for fast cooking.
  • Three brass burners of auto-ignition feature.
  • Italian gas valves of high performance.
  • Individual pan support for perfect cooking.
  • It is little expensive.

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Surya Flame Auto Ignition Stainless Steel 2 Burner Gas Stove.

Surya Flame 2B Ultimate Auto Ignition Stainless Steel 2 Burner Gas Stove

Surya Flame is a company known for innovation in kitchen appliances. Its products are highly based on the customer’s requirements. People who want contemporary and classy home appliances must go with this one. The company aims to provide the best quality appliances.

The quality starts with black knobs. These are of superior quality. They have a perfect finish. The finish gives a modern touch to your kitchen. Designs of the knobs will let you have control over the flame quickly. Apart from this, safety is a significant concern. Safety is not an issue with these knobs.

Burners of the gas stoves are of brass. These are highly thermally efficient. These are designed for Indian households. Brass burners are the best ones to cook for many hours. Use of these assures the long hours cooking at a different range of temperatures.

The stainless quality of the stove gives longevity. Ultimately, all of these make the product ideal for households.

The gas nozzle is a crucial thing to consider. It controls the rate of gas flow. It affects the working of burning.

Its pan support is of exquisite quality. It has advanced technology. Get hassle-free kitchen time during cooking in the kitchen. Enjoy the cooking in your kitchen.

This stoves all these features, shapes, and designs are also considerable. Its sleek design is appealing. The classy design blends with the kitchen décor. It’s design and shape make the cooking easy and efficient. Gas stoves are the soul of every kitchen. So, getting the right one makes cooking enjoyable.

The product is CE and ISI certified. Thus, it is fulfilling all safety standards.

Pros & Cons
  • Revolving nozzles are present.
  • Knobs are of high quality.
  • Excellent pan support.
  • The shape and design are beautiful.
  • The toughened glass top is absent.

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What is an auto ignition gas stove?

An auto-ignition gas stove is a gas burner which automatically ignites. Simply turning the knob will help in igniting the stove. Turning the knob will trigger the electrical spark. This electrical spark ignites the gas present in the burner.

After the ignition, one can adjust the flame as per the choice—no need for matchstick and lighter. One needs to turn the knob only merely. So, just pushing a button and turning the knob makes the cooking safe. It is more appealing also.


A gas stove is an essential part of life in every kitchen. Technological advancements have made cooking easy and enjoyable. There is a wide range of options for kitchen appliances. One can choose anyone to fit with its requirements.

The more the options, the more are the dilemma. This guide will surely help you in coming out of the dilemma. The puzzle of choosing the one will be solved with this article.

However, before purchasing a auto Ignition Gas Stove In India, make a list of your priorities. It will always help you in selecting the gas stove of your requirements. Go through USPs and highlights of the stoves.

Delete the option that does not fit your criteria. Finally, you will have a gas stove serving the right purpose for you.