Best 10 Liter Geyser Prices in India Review 2021

To start a day or after a tiring day, a hot shower is the best thing to rejuvenate. It is a great way to relax the mind and body. Installing a water heater is the best option to do so. Get the best one for your home right now.

Winters are coming soon, so, it’s the right time to buy geysers from the top brands. People are in the pool of water heaters in the market. It isn’t easy to make a difference among all the brands. Making a valuable decision is an important one as you are investing your valuable money.

During winters, water heaters are must appliances at home. Hence, a wrong decision will let you suffer in the winters with cold water.

Investing in money needs quality and performance as a result. Choose the best water heater. Water heaters have useful features nowadays. There are many options available in the market.

Best 10 Liter Geyser Prices in India Review 2021

Here we present a list of a few to ease up your choice. All the products are listed here with features. So, you can match the features with your needs.

Best 10 Liter Geyser Prices in India 2020 Review

1. Bajaj Geyser 10 Litre Vertical Water Heater

Bajaj New Shakti Storage 10 Litre Vertical Water Heater

Bajaj is a renowned brand in electronics for decades. The company has made its place in the market due to quality. In fact, in terms of design, also, the company is offering awesome designs. Design always compliments the bathroom interiors.

The Bajaj New shakti 10 litres water heater is compact in size. It is stylish in design. So, it is providing a sufficient water storage tank. Get the style with efficient performance.

The life of a water heater depends on the kind of water we use. Regular use of hard water leaves a chalky like substance in the tank. This thing reduces life. Additionally, it also affects the efficiency of the heating elements of the heater.

Bajaj has come up with a solution to such a problem. The inner tank has lamination of glass line coating. The outer body is made up of plastic.

With the technology of PUF insulation, heat retention is not an issue. So, even the heater is switched off, and the heat will be trapped inside the tank.

A 4-star rating will help you a lot in saving money. It will help you with less consumption of electricity. Ultimately, the bill will be less. It is an essential thing as electrical consumption should be low.

Safety is also a primary concern. For the same, there is a multifunctional valve. It includes Incoloy heating element, pressure shut off and fire retardant cable. All these contribute to safety features.

Pros & Cons
  • Temperature indicator dial.
  • Presence of fire retardant cable.
  • It is four stars rated.
  • Magnesium anode is available for the corrosion-free feature.
  • There are 8 bars of pressure.
  • The package is not including fitting accessories.

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2. ACTIVA 10L Instant Water Geyser

ACTIVA 10 L Instant 3 KVA 5 Star Rated Special Anti Rust

Activa Geyser is five stars rated one. Along with this, it has many beautiful features. It also has ISI certification. So, buying this one is worth your money. ISI specification ensures a longer life span of the product. Safety is the priority.

The water heater has advanced heat resistant technology. This assures power saving. The presence of technology along with 5-star rating permits low electricity consumption. Hence, you will have saved on the electricity bill.

The product has an extra heavy-duty element. So, durability and extra heating are excellent features. Durability is the thing which cannot be compromised at any cost.

High-quality thermostat prevents the overheating of tank material. The tank is also rust-resistant. It is made up of Jindal single line welding technology steel heavy 304l grade SS.

Pros & Cons
  • Double protection is present, Multifunctional safety valve and thermal cut off is available.
  • High-quality tank.
  • Weld heating element does not allow the scale formation.

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    3. Racold 10Ltr Geyser Horizontal

    Racold Eterno Pro 10Litres Vertical 5 Star Water Heater

    Racold water heater offers premium water heater with impressive features. It provides trendy geyser with smart bath logic features. As per the bathing requirements, one can adjust the knob. Adjusting the knobs helps in saving electricity up to 40%.

    To protect the inner container, unique polymer protective coating technology is there. This will resist the corrosion against the hard water. A superior anode performs the electrolytic process. It also contributes to protecting the heating element against the corrosion.

    The heating element of the geyser has a coating of special titanium enamel. Thus, heating is efficient and quick. It also increases the life span of the heating element.

    The geyser can withhold the high pressure. So, it is quite suitable for high rise buildings. Additionally, it is also suitable for high pump application.

    Presence of special deflector helps in slow mixing of hot and cold water in the inner container. Thus, it aids in keeping water hot for a longer time. It also reduces the need for frequent restarts. Thus, no dilemma of starting it over again and again.

    The product is known for energy efficiency. This one is 5-star rates. Apart from this, it has a thick and high-density PUF. Both of these features will reduce electricity bills.

    Pros & Cons
    • Premium look.
    • Unique polymer coating technology for the inner container.
    • Smart bath logic. Regulator to adjust for preferred bathing.
    • It is high-pressure resistance.
    • Heating element of titanium enamel.

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      4. Havells Geyser 10ltr Geyser Water Heater with Flexi Pipe

      Havells Geyser 10ltr Monza EC 10 10-Litre Storage Water Heater

      This model of 10L capacity from Havells is undoubtedly worthy of your money. The product offers benefits only. Owning this one will let you take the pleasure of warmth. The beautiful combination of subtle colour and mounting design is ready to blend with the bathroom décor.

      Design of the geyser is ready to compliment the bathroom. Next, whirl-flow technology will not let contact in between hot and cold water. It results in optimized energy saving. Along with this, it also assures faster heating. The hot water output is 20% more than any other geyser.

      The Flexi pope of water heater is of quality stainless steel. Hence, the durability of the product increases. The pipes work with 8 bar working pressure.

      Havells geyser has fibreglass dry powder coating technology. Ultra-thick super cold-rolled plates add life span to the product. Another essential feature to increase longevity is the anode rod. It is of heavy-duty magnesium. So, steel core with this anode protects the tank from corrosion as well as rust.

      Ten litres capacity will ensure the continuous flow of hot water. It will fulfil the daily requirement.

      Get the temperature set as per the convenience. There is a facility to adjust the temperature with the help of an adjustable knob. The temperature ranges from 25 degrees to 75 degrees Celsius. It offers efficiency. Most importantly, one can adjust the temperature as per his comfort.

      Pros & Cons
      • Availability of fibreglass dry powder coating technology.
      • Adjustable knob to set the temperature. Set the temperature to enjoy the warmth of hot water.
      • Presence of whirl-flow technology.
      • Highly energy efficient.
      • Fast heating,
      • Mounting design
      • NA

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      5. Best V-Guard Victo 10L Geyser 2019 Price

      V-Guard Victo 10 L Water Geyser

      V Guard is another famous name in the industry. The company always comes up with quality products. V-Guard offers a perfect water heater. The geyser is perfect for small families. The product is serving its purpose very well. Quality, excellent features and safety features make the appeal to own one.

      Get the convenient control dial with the geyser. So, there is no dilemma of either too hot water or too cold water. Engage yourself to experience splash of warmth. Bring the easy to control knob to control the temperature quickly. The knob is present on the front panel of the geyser.

      Regulate the temperature as per the convenience. Rejuvenate the bath time with this water heater.

      The water heater is long-lasting. The outer body is of high-quality mild steel. This offers anti-corrosive properties. Even, in the humid bathroom surroundings, it is not suffering rust and corrosion.

      Thick gauge steel uses single line welding technology. The use of technology is highly important to fight against hard water. This technology is good at reversing the effects of hard water. So, the life span of the heater is good.

      Anti-corrosive powder coating also helps the heater to tackle the humid environment. Thus, in the humid environment bathroom, this one is the best option. So, the geyser has incredible performance.

      Pros & Cons
      • It has an elegant style.
      • The geyser has a temperature control dial.
      • single-line welding technology is present.
      • It has Superior Glass-Lined Coating

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        To blend with the modern era, the use of modern and latest technologies is necessary. A water heater just makes life easy and comfortable. So, one should own it for himself and his family. In this article, a list of 5 best 10 Liter Geyser is provided. Leave your confusion aside; choose the perfect one. All of these are the best one and choice can be made as per the need. Select the one as per the budget. Make your choice and get a calm life.